Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I waited to post this until I could include the online link of the Fence Post...Enjoyed the article and the pictures...I put most of  this together on Tuesday so when you see really isn't today because after all...I DID WORK 2 DAYS THIS WEEK!!!

Today...I stayed home again.  I took another sick day.   Maybe a little bit of the sinus stuff or just allergic to wind!   However, I am looking out to the north and the door is covered with "WET".   We got a little bit of precip last night...snow and now it is trying to rain.   We embrace and welcome and give thanks for any and all moisture that we receive. [we ended up getting 1.25" here!]  

Anyway...I went out to get the mail...and there in the mailbox was the Fence Post Magazine and on the cover was a picture of our lambs standing in front of the old milk barn...okay not a milk barn anymore...that ship has sailed.   Anyway it was Very cool!   We enjoyed the reporter Robyn Scherer coming down and shooting some pictures and clay pigeons with us.  Looks like she shoots the camera as well as a gun!

While the cover was very cool...the article was cool as well!  Click on this link to see the whole section of the  Fence Post - Champions of the Ring .   I would encourage you to look at the whole thing but look extra close starting on Page 5. 

And so I decide to just include the pictures that I had taken from our sheep weekend.  Lance took a few lambs to the Crowley County sale.  It was the first year and a small sale...they had goats, pigs, and sheep.   Like I said...Pfeiff Suffolks and Hamps took a few lambs.   Since I love playing with my Ahma sized toys (PhotoShop and camera) and playing with the pics...I hope you enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoyed taking them.   My nephew said I should be a papparazzi...perhaps I could be a sheeparazzi! 

During the Saturday of the buyers was Dally Buhr and we enjoyed getting to see her and her grandparents and mama as well as meeting some of her family from Kansas.  It still is hard for me to believe Dally is a senior in high school.  Her personality is one of those that just makes you smile...I snapped a few pics of her...and hope she has a good showing with her lambs.  She is pretty busy right now it sounds like...senior year...valedictorian I think...but thanks Dally for the smiles.  It really doesn't seem that long ago I remember your mama being that age...and wonder where the time goes...Loved watching you load your lamb.   Flip flops and all!

Dally Buhr and her Grandpa Mason buying...looking...and loading
 And so while that took up part of Saturday...we still had time for supper at the Mission Deli followed by a couple games of pinochle...yes Lance and Great Grandpa Pfeiff...beat Oppy and Great Grandma...two games...not that those two will let it go to their heads.

Then came Sunday and had a few more buyers to come.   One of which is Colton Gruntorad...Thanks for humoring me Colton and Lance and letting me take your pictures!  

While one of the possible buyers was not able to make it...the Barrett sisters did.   However, I had been shooting some shots in "Effects" so these...while I think kind of cool...are a little different.  

One of our favorite buyers--Dacey Corsentino has already been here and I should have taken her pictures...I could share her lamb from last year...Dacey is another one who I remember not being very big and coming along to look at lambs...and now she is growing up so fast and doing such a good job.  It has been fun watching how much she keeps improving in her showmanship each year...

Looking forward to having a good show year.  Thank you and Good Luck in the upcoming SEASON and lets hope for lots of CHAMPIONS OF THE SHOW RING!


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