Monday, August 29, 2011

You and me...

Iz and Op...
you and me together can do anything

 One of those special weekends...had a little Firecracker spend the night with me and the old P-pa!   (still need to write about last weekend and time at Lance's new house but looking for pics)  Okay maybe I got sidetracked and...

So I kind of get out of order of how the weekend went in starting with this pic...but it goes with the you and me together theme as I had been listening to Dave Matthews singing "You and me" today and this video I think is a cool video... You and Me by Dave Matthews   But it says, "You and me together can do anything baby... when the kids are old enough we are going to teach them to fly..."  

But it also brings to mind of how together...two or more or whether it is thinking of  the Firecracker and sometimes I wonder how one little girl can bring so much sunshine...her and I sing "This little light of mine" and she likes the part..."Hide it  under a bushel--NO--I'm gonna let it shine!"   And let it shine she does.  

My God Calling today said:  "August 29 - Breathe My Name

Just breathe My Name.

It is like the pressure of a child's hand that calls forth an answering pressure, strengthens the child's confidence and banishes fear.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.  Proverbs 18:10"

And you notice....still with the breathe theme!

Well the weekend went a little bit like this...We went and picked Izzy up on Saturday...had the "Great Grands" Pfeiff ride along with us for a ride and fine dining in Limon, Colorado.    Picked up a Firecracker and her Mama and met Aunt Aum and Androooo (as Izzy calls him) at Oscars for lunch.   Then we headed back south and Firecracker's mama headed north to uncle La La's and Ty Ty's...(sorry couldn't resist putting it in there).   

Stopped and played a bit at the Great Grands and then when time to leave...some little miss gave kisses.   She gives good "loves" when she so chooses!   And I am thankful she got a special day with them but also that they got one with her...

"Great Grands and Isabel"
Joyce and Frank Pfeiff

We made it to our house and nothing doing but one little firecracker go and help P-pa do chores...while the picture above is from Sunday...there was lots of action on Saturday as well.   The little "Firecracker Princess" helped drive the power Ranger, helped haul some hay to the goats using the skid loader and of course giving everything an "Ahhh".   (You know that sound you make when it's a good drink...well that is how Firecracker says drink).    I looked out the window once and she is in the back of the little Ranger pickup getting the corn out of the buckets...quite a pair.   Of course, they had left to do chores after I had asked what they wanted for supper.   To which Izzy replies..."brownies".   I told her well let's ask mom who replied, "NO!"   At this Firecracker and "Op" as she calls him say YES!  (because he used to be called Pop but turns out that is that yummy stuff you drink so she changed it from Pop to Op and then since he is her junk food source she will say, "Pop Op".   I think there might be a Dr. Suess book there somewhere!!

So I didn't end up having just brownies for supper...but those two could have handled it.  Firecracker chose the table to the there at my kitchen table where I sit every day...and count my blessings...was one of those blessing just sitting there.   She definitely had a lot of individualized attention but turns out Op got finished sooner and proceeds to get himself a  handful of M & M's while Izzy is eating her chicken and rice.  To which she thinks she needs some M & M's.  So of course Op thinks she may need some so she had chocolate and chicken...shhhh don't tell mom.   There is an Easton Corbin song about spoiling your grandkids and the daughter getting upset with him...I think he wrote it for the "shepherd".

Then came bed time.   Firecracker had told her mom she needed to take her blue M & M shirt that Grama got her...okay sometimes Grama or "Ahma" as Izzy calls me tends to get things a little big...However, she loves blue and M & M's so can I help it that we still need to wear it...but the way she is growing it won't be long...I say she is calling mom in this phone but turns out she has a pretty good imagination and was just pretending to talk.

Usually a night owl...this little M & M crawled up on my lap by 10 p.m. because it was lightning and she was hiding.   Well I'd be darned if that dang old sleepy bug didn't come and bite her...

After a good night's sleep...well I guess we got up at 4:30 a.m. for a drink and poddy but then right back to it until 9:00 a.m.   We had thought we would go to the state fair and watch the sheep show and then go to a birthday party for Alex...HAPPY 35!!   But turns out that the little Wilson boys were sick and their mama was afraid Firecracker might get sick...

In Grama's kitchen getting ready to go do chores...
So we stayed home but then because the sandals did not pan out the night before...P-pa told one little girl she needed to wear her boots so she wouldn't get dirt in her shoes...which explains the shorts and boots outfit.  But hey if it's good enough for Taylor Swift it surely is for Izzy Sheridan!! 

"Me stir Gramma!"

Then after chores and checking out Op's fish...Grama and Izzy made pancakes and eggs and then we played with Helen, Jody, Grama baby, cars, and all of the other toys Grama has...and before we knew it, it was time to head back to Limon and see some little Firecraker's mama.

We ended up getting to eat with Aunt Aum and Androo again...but also Jake and Amy and Josh met up with us.    Which it was in saying goodbye that a couple pics were caught of Jake telling Izzy goodbye.  This one definitely touched the old heart as Jake and Jay were both the young guys on the Limon PD and to those who didn't know them would sometimes get mistaken as they are similar size and similar hair cuts and just remind you of the other.

Officer Jake and Izzy...
Wish this wasn't blurred but you can still tell...
Jake has worked hard at making buds with Izzy.   So when she of course wanted to give loves to Amy (that would be Jake's Amy...the new Mrs. Jake)...but she was hesitant of Jake.   To which Jake with that cute little grin he gets says I'm not afraid to make little ones cry and he picks Izzy up as though she were weightless and puts her above his head and then pulls her into him.  

Izzy's done and Jake is happy with his "loves"

She then gave  him not only a hug and a kiss but also a "knuckle sandwich."   Those from the outside might wonder why this little girl is shaking her fist at this big old cop...but her daddy had played with her and said do you want me to give you a knuckle sandwich and she had learned it early...and to her it is a way that one should greet many of the police officers that she comes across.   So we did not catch the pictures of the hug and kiss and the knuckle sandwich was a little blurry...but the last one where she was done and heading for mama...shows that Jake trademark it just made me smile that Jay's "Peanut" has so many who love her...and help her be a happy little girl. 

And when we thought we were about ready to go and some had left to go pay while some of us were sitting at the table...Firecracker looks up and all of a sudden yells Granddad and wants to get down from the table as fast as she can and proceeds to march through the whole Denney's through several tables of customers because her Granddad Sheridan and Grammy Sheridan had came in...and I watch his face light up as he picks her up and she shares the same joy for him and Grammy...and I think of the song you and me...and I think how many of us she has brought joy to in just a 24 hour period...Oh love that Izzy girl!!!   You are a gift from God indeed...and I give thanks for a great weekend...and perhaps some may think that I talk alot about a little Firecracker...but I just am capturing some memories for you and we can remember some of these special days...


Friday, August 26, 2011

Old NO...NEW...

I started this blog yesterday...and didn't get it finished and so I write this morning on my Flex Friday...probably not a Firecracker Flex Friday as her mama is not working and so I hope they have an awesome day having a girls day...always good having some one on one time...

This writing ended up taking a twist through a simple phone call last night...all because I love adding Firecracker to any of my writings...Anyway,  I was checking in to make sure on the plan with Firecracker and her mama for today.    Well I put them on speaker phone because Izzy heard her P-pa saying Ahma Ahma Ahma and got her to giggling!   Because in teaching her to say I Love Gramma Gramma Gramma...she turned it into Ahma Ahma Ahma...which I could listen to her say all day.   Anyway she gets to giggling and next thing I know her mom is laughing too.   Well Firecracker is trying to blow on her mom's tummy and make noises but is too tickled to do so...and I laugh at their laughing and my heart sings hearing such laughter come from them.  

So then Izzy repeats after her Mama...See ya...eeya...Love ya....ovya...BYE...bye.   This phrase "sylyb" is Heather's trademark goodbye that many of us have taken See ya Love Ya Bye...and so I love that Izzy is learning this.   Well her mom tells her to tell Gramma goodnight to which Izzy replies, "No."   She wants to keep talking to her Gramma of course!   Anyway my "sweet" daughter goes on to tell Izzy that Gramma needs to go night night because she is OLD!   And my Firecracker without missing a beat says "New...Amma New!"   She thinks that if it is not old it is new...she has two car seats and she tells you Old NO...NEW!

I love that!   I am not old I am NEW!!!   And I think that this really does go with how God is working in me...that I have gifts....and we need to look at each of these seasons we come upon as NEW!   So I go to my writing from yesterday...and though it may seem not all together...REALLY?  What have you become to expect from me!   It is just a theme in my own hop on my bike and ride along...So it begins...

So had a wonderful morning this morning at my kitchen table and so I just share what I wrote...
Yvonne Petrie's "Before Sunrise"

And I have the most beautiful sunrise--in the eastern sky--My cousin Vonnie took some picture of hers the other day. (I call it  hers...isn't it funny that we each think that this sunrise was made just for us...and you know I guess they are!)
Beautifully BREATH taking and there it is again! (I note as I look back on things I have read and said, breathing it in seems to be a theme and I think how these experiences I seem to be "breathing" in--perhaps like breathing-- where every part of my being takes it in..)
Wow and the sun seems to hide behind the cottonwood in a glow that takes your breath away.  A ball of light that I would not compare to fire as it does not bring that energy--that feeling--but the intensity and heat it shares is comparable.  There is a combination of oranges and yelows that connot be replicated and it is centered perfectly from my chair with the big old cottonwood...and I realize another "Ordinary Gift" that is EXTRAORDINARY! 

In My Utmost for His Highest for today "The Fruitfulness of Friendship".   It talks of our friendship with God...and I ponder if I would have lived in the days when Jesus walked this earth would I have been His friend?  Would I have went out of my way beyond my ordinary life to see who this "man" was this Messiah--would I have sat at His feet and learned?  Would I even have been Martha and stressed around Him but still a friend...Would I have been like the woman at the well and Jesus found me?   Much like in this life I live now--there I was at the well and...Jesus found me.  Which makes me feel all the more special...He found ME (or perhaps I should write me) and continues to sit and teach me--to show me these things--for that I give thanks!  

There are many who seek...sit with them them Thy Love.   Love beyond measure...Love beyond compare!  It is but a precious gift that we are given no "ordinary gift" indeed!   And I give thanks for this day though it is just beginning because Thou art with me and I can hear Joe Robertson in the little Hanover church..."Then sings my soul...My Savior God to Thee...How Great Thou art...How great Thou art!"   (I think on Joe...and how his voice could fill that entire church and you could feel his emotion as he sang without holding anything back...and though many years have passed I can still hear him singing...and I think TAKE NOTE...using our gifts...and then here many years later...someone is still blessed by them!)

And I think of Hanover (where I grew up) and remember a sunrise that was so amazing and powerful that I thought perhaps the world was ending and I remember before running (yes I used to run every morning hmmm anyway) that I just fell on my knees.  A sunrise I still can see in my minds eye.  These words though from my hand and my pen are words inspired and I feel at peace and am thankful!

(and I skip over some of this to add the next part...)

As I am going through my study Bible and another devotion it is titled "Women's Ministries: Serving in the local Church."  But it doesn't actually speak of that instead one part says "every woman receives God's gifts to be used for His glory.  The possibilities are as limitless as the needs of the world." 

"Jesus speaks each woman's name as He did that of Mary in the garden following His Resurrection."  And Mary not thought to be worthy by many...was given the "gift" of being visited by Christ..the very "gift" I am given!

The reading goes on to say "Jesus' desire is that each woman yield herself to Him in utter dependence recognizing that without Me you can do nothing (John 15:5) and relying on His Spirit to fulfill the special ministry He selects for her--a ministry appropriate to her talents and effective in her generation."

And I quit taking from my journal and stop to think on these...of what my "gifts" are...what are my talents in this generation...and I come back to thinking of NEW AMMA NEW!   You are not old you are new!   And God can use us right where we are...

While I was getting ready for work, on the television though the women were speaking of careers, they talked about superwomen...trying to do it all and saying we really aren't.  Think about our priorities not perfection is what I took from it...and that is so true...for all of us!  

On our family page we were talking of sunrises and sunsets...of do we stop and appreciate.   We have so many gifts that we sometimes take for talked of a friend losing her home to fire (prayers for you Marti)...did you give thanks for your home today?   So many going off to school and starting a NEW season...Did you give thanks you were given this opportunity?   So just take in a moment and breathe it all in...sit by the well and ask...Jesus will find you and remember enjoy this NEW DAY!

Yvonne Petrie's "Sunrise Thruogh the Grass" 
I love the fact that it has "Grama" grass :)  BLUE grama at that!

Izzy pointing up showing up and being watched by AHMA AHMA AHMA! 
This is the day the Lord hath made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!
I had written this but I get on to facebook and notice Wendy has posted How Great Thou Art...Ben has posted a sunrise in Oklahoma...I see that last year at this time I was going over the mountain and had said "life is good"...   God bless you today!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Time in a bottle...

And "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce plays on my computer (Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce)...and had thought a lot about Jay today..."But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them..."   I still love that song and think about what I would keep in my bottle...a little sentimental today...but at peace.   I came across the following and put it as my status on facebook:
"I wish Heaven had a phone. So I could hear your voice again. I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture in a frame. Your memory is a keepsake from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms, I have you in my heart."
 My kids spent the night and I love the feel of having my house "full!"   They were there getting some stuff to move for Lance into his new house...Congrats Lance can't wait to see it...a home owner and I think about how fast that time has flown...we went to the sheep show last night at the Arkansas Valley Fair and one of the lambs Lance raised made Reserve.  Congrats Dacey!   It doesn't seem that long ago that Lance was out there showing.    And I watch my granddaughter...playing with grandchildren and children of friends and I smile...and try to maybe keep that time in a bottle for a bit...

I think about my kids and how much I love them and how proud I am of them...and I pray that they are guided in their steps along the way no matter how bumpy or rough they might be...and I look at my calendar and it says:

You were born God's original. 
Try not to become someone's copy. 
Marian Wright Elelman founder of Children's Defense fund

I think of all of us and myself especially and think how I want to be my own original and I am sure there is no chance that there will be another like me!!   (no comments please)  But that's okay with me...and I in my random bike riding think of the path I am on...And I think of today's devotional in God it makes me think of some that are hoping that they could be on a different have a change...and I think of the stones of the way...
Stones of the Way
I am here. No distance separates Me. In the Spirit-Kingdom we measure not by earth's miles. A false word, a fear-inspired failure, a harsh criticism, these are the distances between a soul and Me. Your training must be severe, that your work for Me be unhindered.
You seek My Presence and they who seek shall find. It is not a question of human searching, so much as human consciousness, unconditional surrender to My Will in the small, as in the big things of life. This it is that makes My Guidance possible.
You know the difference between taking a glad, loving, joy-springing child with you along a way, when the child anticipates each direction, accepts naturally each decision as to each turning - and the child who resists, and rebellious, has to be forced, even though in its quieter moments it may say, "Yes.  I do want to go with you.  I cannot be left alone, but I hate this way."
It is not the way, but the loving rejoicing in the way and the guidance, that matters with My disciples.  You are ready for the guidance but you do not rejoice as you should, both of you, in the little daily stones of the way.
For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made
 me free from the law of sin and death.  Romans 8:2

So I think on this and think how I want to rejoice on the way...And was trying to put a picture on and it doesn't let me so I put this on the shelf but while I am finishing this up...Travis Tritt sings to me..."And it's a great day to be alive you know the sun's still shining when I close my eyes..."   Love that song and love you...

And so I finally get the picture to come up and not sure why it is the one I choose to put on here because it is off of my cell phone out the window while driving on the way home the other night and though this doesn't capture the true intensity of this does capture the memory...and so I put that little bit in my bottle of time...and breathe it in...

For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.  Isaiah 55:12


Monday, August 8, 2011

I seen it done once...

So tomorrow is my dad's birthday...he would be 74 years old...instead he has been gone 22 years...and sometimes I miss him as much now as ever...

This morning was one of those brother and I were talking about the old "Hoop" (the van/truck he used to drive that also gave him the name of Grandpa Hoopee).   But we also got to talking about growing up and how our mom and dad taught us so many lessons...but Dad really was one that believed it would all work out in the end.   And Shane said this morning, "guess they won!"   Because you know it all worked out and they are in a better place and it really didn't matter how much money we had, how big our house was, or any of that.   My dad was probably one who lived more of taking care of widows and orphans than anyone I know.  He was always doing a job for this one or that one...I told Shane this morning you know they taught us alot of lessons without saying a word!

Shane was telling me of a plumber (that was my dad's "trade") who had passed away and they ended up having his funeral at a local bar...and he said there could have been 150 or so there that talked of how they would miss this guy...and I thought of my own dad's funeral and the diversity and number of people there...for a kid from Moline, Illinois who ended up in Colorado Springs at Fort Carson...and married my mom and then came me and Shaner.  He had seen hard times....lost his mom when he was a young boy...was the youngest of three boys...but I loved my daddy so!   And whatever faults or flaws he might have had...have been covered up with a rose color made of love.   My dad was probably one of the strongest men I have ever known...which was not always an asset...I think he may have had 5 back surgeries.   I was talking to my brother about "the Shepherd" possibly having knee surgery...and was thinking about how my dad had to take off and when he took off we didn't have a lot of income because in construction...lots of times if you ain't working...there ain't no money!   Paid days off were not something that was a part of his job.   But you know he would always seem to be confident we would make it!   And though he didn't attend church every Sunday...his faith was strong...and you know what...we made it fine!   I remember during one back surgery that some bags of groceries showed up...he was pretty sure it was Pat and Helen...which I am sure they didn't have a lot...but that's just the kind of people they are.

And so I am inspired by these people who are a part of me.   You might wonder why I titled this what I did...but my dad would try anything and say, "Oh I seen it done once" fact he had business cards that said that.   So in thinking of my Dad on his birthday and I bring to mind some of the memories and life lessons and hope I can pass on to others because you know...I seen it done once!

So I put in one of my all time favorite pictures of my dad with his brother Jerry (Dang it I can't find the picture but leave this message so in case I run across it or for those that have seen it can picture it still).   How I loved these guys and remember just a fun day at the lake with family!!   I love you Dad, JL, Hoopee and Happy Birthday!!

Love ya,

Guess I'll stick in this file picture I have of dad and Heather...I need to do some scanning and organizing pics!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

We don't know...

On Friday as I was heading to Limon to hang out with the Firecracker...I had a strange experience.    For those of you that have traveled Highway 71 from Ordway to know that sometimes you have the road to yourself.    Oh sure I had met a few cars but there was no one in my rear view mirror and there was no one in front of me...leaving a lot of time for deep thinking...singing...checking out the country side.   This day I was traveling with nothing in my rear view mirror when out of the blue this vehicle was right up behind me.  I could tell there was another vehicle behind it though I couldn't tell what it was.

So the first white vehicle passes me and there behind me is a hearse.   And it just stays right there behind me in my rear view mirror.   Which I had this moment that I thought...this is much like comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden it is upon us.   But then it passed me and I went back to singing without much more thought...when all of a sudden I catch back up to it...and again I realize that sometimes much like death it seems so far ahead of us but eventually we catch up to it.   We really never know where it will be on this road of life we travel.

And so today I find out that a childhood friend of my daughter's, Justin Kahl, has passed away.   My heart hurts for his mother...his family...his friends...and yes my daughter.   Justin had called Heather when we had lost Jay and it had touched my heart.   I can still picture him and perhaps have froze him in junior high...and what a neat kid he was.   He was so funny and I loved listening to his stories...He was one of Heather's good friends and she was sad as many others were when he moved away.

I also became friends with his mom and have fond memories of her when she lived in Crowley County...and something like this I realize that we have lost touch and I am not for certain where she is...but right now wherever she is she is in my thoughts and prayers...and again I think there should be that rule that we do not outlive our children! 

We do not understand...and so I think of what I also heard on the drive to Limon...a preacher was talking and he said...we don't have to always know the answers  to everything...sometimes we just have to say I don't know...because sometimes like someone told me today...You never know...And so with that said I think of my cousin telling me how she wonders how some make it without faith...and I hold on to the fact that there is something more than this...that there is Life Eternal...

Peace be with you!