Friday, August 26, 2011

Old NO...NEW...

I started this blog yesterday...and didn't get it finished and so I write this morning on my Flex Friday...probably not a Firecracker Flex Friday as her mama is not working and so I hope they have an awesome day having a girls day...always good having some one on one time...

This writing ended up taking a twist through a simple phone call last night...all because I love adding Firecracker to any of my writings...Anyway,  I was checking in to make sure on the plan with Firecracker and her mama for today.    Well I put them on speaker phone because Izzy heard her P-pa saying Ahma Ahma Ahma and got her to giggling!   Because in teaching her to say I Love Gramma Gramma Gramma...she turned it into Ahma Ahma Ahma...which I could listen to her say all day.   Anyway she gets to giggling and next thing I know her mom is laughing too.   Well Firecracker is trying to blow on her mom's tummy and make noises but is too tickled to do so...and I laugh at their laughing and my heart sings hearing such laughter come from them.  

So then Izzy repeats after her Mama...See ya...eeya...Love ya....ovya...BYE...bye.   This phrase "sylyb" is Heather's trademark goodbye that many of us have taken See ya Love Ya Bye...and so I love that Izzy is learning this.   Well her mom tells her to tell Gramma goodnight to which Izzy replies, "No."   She wants to keep talking to her Gramma of course!   Anyway my "sweet" daughter goes on to tell Izzy that Gramma needs to go night night because she is OLD!   And my Firecracker without missing a beat says "New...Amma New!"   She thinks that if it is not old it is new...she has two car seats and she tells you Old NO...NEW!

I love that!   I am not old I am NEW!!!   And I think that this really does go with how God is working in me...that I have gifts....and we need to look at each of these seasons we come upon as NEW!   So I go to my writing from yesterday...and though it may seem not all together...REALLY?  What have you become to expect from me!   It is just a theme in my own hop on my bike and ride along...So it begins...

So had a wonderful morning this morning at my kitchen table and so I just share what I wrote...
Yvonne Petrie's "Before Sunrise"

And I have the most beautiful sunrise--in the eastern sky--My cousin Vonnie took some picture of hers the other day. (I call it  hers...isn't it funny that we each think that this sunrise was made just for us...and you know I guess they are!)
Beautifully BREATH taking and there it is again! (I note as I look back on things I have read and said, breathing it in seems to be a theme and I think how these experiences I seem to be "breathing" in--perhaps like breathing-- where every part of my being takes it in..)
Wow and the sun seems to hide behind the cottonwood in a glow that takes your breath away.  A ball of light that I would not compare to fire as it does not bring that energy--that feeling--but the intensity and heat it shares is comparable.  There is a combination of oranges and yelows that connot be replicated and it is centered perfectly from my chair with the big old cottonwood...and I realize another "Ordinary Gift" that is EXTRAORDINARY! 

In My Utmost for His Highest for today "The Fruitfulness of Friendship".   It talks of our friendship with God...and I ponder if I would have lived in the days when Jesus walked this earth would I have been His friend?  Would I have went out of my way beyond my ordinary life to see who this "man" was this Messiah--would I have sat at His feet and learned?  Would I even have been Martha and stressed around Him but still a friend...Would I have been like the woman at the well and Jesus found me?   Much like in this life I live now--there I was at the well and...Jesus found me.  Which makes me feel all the more special...He found ME (or perhaps I should write me) and continues to sit and teach me--to show me these things--for that I give thanks!  

There are many who seek...sit with them them Thy Love.   Love beyond measure...Love beyond compare!  It is but a precious gift that we are given no "ordinary gift" indeed!   And I give thanks for this day though it is just beginning because Thou art with me and I can hear Joe Robertson in the little Hanover church..."Then sings my soul...My Savior God to Thee...How Great Thou art...How great Thou art!"   (I think on Joe...and how his voice could fill that entire church and you could feel his emotion as he sang without holding anything back...and though many years have passed I can still hear him singing...and I think TAKE NOTE...using our gifts...and then here many years later...someone is still blessed by them!)

And I think of Hanover (where I grew up) and remember a sunrise that was so amazing and powerful that I thought perhaps the world was ending and I remember before running (yes I used to run every morning hmmm anyway) that I just fell on my knees.  A sunrise I still can see in my minds eye.  These words though from my hand and my pen are words inspired and I feel at peace and am thankful!

(and I skip over some of this to add the next part...)

As I am going through my study Bible and another devotion it is titled "Women's Ministries: Serving in the local Church."  But it doesn't actually speak of that instead one part says "every woman receives God's gifts to be used for His glory.  The possibilities are as limitless as the needs of the world." 

"Jesus speaks each woman's name as He did that of Mary in the garden following His Resurrection."  And Mary not thought to be worthy by many...was given the "gift" of being visited by Christ..the very "gift" I am given!

The reading goes on to say "Jesus' desire is that each woman yield herself to Him in utter dependence recognizing that without Me you can do nothing (John 15:5) and relying on His Spirit to fulfill the special ministry He selects for her--a ministry appropriate to her talents and effective in her generation."

And I quit taking from my journal and stop to think on these...of what my "gifts" are...what are my talents in this generation...and I come back to thinking of NEW AMMA NEW!   You are not old you are new!   And God can use us right where we are...

While I was getting ready for work, on the television though the women were speaking of careers, they talked about superwomen...trying to do it all and saying we really aren't.  Think about our priorities not perfection is what I took from it...and that is so true...for all of us!  

On our family page we were talking of sunrises and sunsets...of do we stop and appreciate.   We have so many gifts that we sometimes take for talked of a friend losing her home to fire (prayers for you Marti)...did you give thanks for your home today?   So many going off to school and starting a NEW season...Did you give thanks you were given this opportunity?   So just take in a moment and breathe it all in...sit by the well and ask...Jesus will find you and remember enjoy this NEW DAY!

Yvonne Petrie's "Sunrise Thruogh the Grass" 
I love the fact that it has "Grama" grass :)  BLUE grama at that!

Izzy pointing up showing up and being watched by AHMA AHMA AHMA! 
This is the day the Lord hath made...let us rejoice and be glad in it!
I had written this but I get on to facebook and notice Wendy has posted How Great Thou Art...Ben has posted a sunrise in Oklahoma...I see that last year at this time I was going over the mountain and had said "life is good"...   God bless you today!


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