Monday, August 8, 2011

I seen it done once...

So tomorrow is my dad's birthday...he would be 74 years old...instead he has been gone 22 years...and sometimes I miss him as much now as ever...

This morning was one of those brother and I were talking about the old "Hoop" (the van/truck he used to drive that also gave him the name of Grandpa Hoopee).   But we also got to talking about growing up and how our mom and dad taught us so many lessons...but Dad really was one that believed it would all work out in the end.   And Shane said this morning, "guess they won!"   Because you know it all worked out and they are in a better place and it really didn't matter how much money we had, how big our house was, or any of that.   My dad was probably one who lived more of taking care of widows and orphans than anyone I know.  He was always doing a job for this one or that one...I told Shane this morning you know they taught us alot of lessons without saying a word!

Shane was telling me of a plumber (that was my dad's "trade") who had passed away and they ended up having his funeral at a local bar...and he said there could have been 150 or so there that talked of how they would miss this guy...and I thought of my own dad's funeral and the diversity and number of people there...for a kid from Moline, Illinois who ended up in Colorado Springs at Fort Carson...and married my mom and then came me and Shaner.  He had seen hard times....lost his mom when he was a young boy...was the youngest of three boys...but I loved my daddy so!   And whatever faults or flaws he might have had...have been covered up with a rose color made of love.   My dad was probably one of the strongest men I have ever known...which was not always an asset...I think he may have had 5 back surgeries.   I was talking to my brother about "the Shepherd" possibly having knee surgery...and was thinking about how my dad had to take off and when he took off we didn't have a lot of income because in construction...lots of times if you ain't working...there ain't no money!   Paid days off were not something that was a part of his job.   But you know he would always seem to be confident we would make it!   And though he didn't attend church every Sunday...his faith was strong...and you know what...we made it fine!   I remember during one back surgery that some bags of groceries showed up...he was pretty sure it was Pat and Helen...which I am sure they didn't have a lot...but that's just the kind of people they are.

And so I am inspired by these people who are a part of me.   You might wonder why I titled this what I did...but my dad would try anything and say, "Oh I seen it done once" fact he had business cards that said that.   So in thinking of my Dad on his birthday and I bring to mind some of the memories and life lessons and hope I can pass on to others because you know...I seen it done once!

So I put in one of my all time favorite pictures of my dad with his brother Jerry (Dang it I can't find the picture but leave this message so in case I run across it or for those that have seen it can picture it still).   How I loved these guys and remember just a fun day at the lake with family!!   I love you Dad, JL, Hoopee and Happy Birthday!!

Love ya,

Guess I'll stick in this file picture I have of dad and Heather...I need to do some scanning and organizing pics!

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