Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Not Forgotten

Today at the State Capitol, Resolution SJR12-030 Declaring the week of May 13 - 19, 2012 as Police Week, and, In Connection Therewith, Declaring May 15, 2012, as Peace Officer's Memorial Day, was introduced.

While this is touching for many it is one that I want to mark and document for one little Firecracker for some day...because this included her daddy...I copy part of it that includes his name and then the writing that followed...

In 2011: Jay Sheridan of the Limon P.D.;
and David Roberts of the Denver P.D.; and
WHEREAS, It is fitting and appropriate for the citizens of
 Colorado to join together in commemorating peace officers, past and
 present, who by their faithful and loyal devotion to their responsibilities
 have rendered a dedicated service to their community and, in doing so,
 have established for themselves an enviable and enduring reputation for
26 preserving the rights and security of all citizens; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty-eighth General Assembly

of the State of Colorado, the House of Representatives concurring herein:

(1) That we, the members of the General Assembly, hereby
 proclaim the week commencing May 13, 2012, as Police Week in
Colorado in recognition of peace officers' efforts in safeguarding the
 citizens of Colorado and call upon all citizens of the state and upon all
patriotic, civic, and educational organizations to observe Police Week.
 (2) That we, the members of the General Assembly, hereby
proclaim the day of May 15, 2012, as Peace Officers' Memorial Day in
 recognition of those officers who, through their courageous deeds, have
made the supreme sacrifice or who have been disabled in the line of duty,
 and call upon the citizens of Colorado to recognize and participate in the
observance of this worthy occasion.

Be It Further Resolved, That copies of this Joint Resolution be sent
 to John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado; Kelly Young, President of

 the Colorado chapter of Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc.; Mariah
 Hughes, Chief Executive Officer of Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc.;
 Fred Wegener, Chairman of the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial;
Chief Robert C. White of the Denver Police Department;
Chief LynnYowell of the Limon Police Department;
Frank Gale, President of the Fraternal Order of Police,
 Colorado State Lodge; Officer Mike Morehouse of the Thornton
Police Department; James H. Davis, Executive Director of the
Colorado Department of Public Safety; Colonel
James M. Wolfinbarger, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol; Karen M.
 Renshaw, Executive Director of the Colorado Association of Chiefs of
Police; Christopher H. Olson, Executive Director of County Sheriffs of
Colorado, Inc.; and Ronald C. Sloan, Director of the Colorado Bureau of
Granted this was longer an many more names were included...but I put a few highlights and you can see it in its entirety at$FILE/SJR030_01.pdf

So many different ways in which those who have given such a sacrifice.  On April 16 there were a group of officers on bikes that made the trek from Denver to Limon on bicycles...Heather had said, "These men and women are definitely a class act. We appreciate the love and support of our law enforcement family."   This was the whole story as I did not get to go...but appreciate those who did.  

I recently traded e-mail with one of the Aurora officers.   We talked of the upcoming of which is Friday, May 4, with the memorial beginning at 10 a.m. at the Camp George West. 15055 South Golden Road. Golden, CO.   I put a link from C.O.P.S. (Concerns of Police Survivors) Colorado Chapter from last year as it includes a pic of a special well as a picture of the memorial in which is name will be added to.

This will be a lead up to the National Police Week in Washington D.C. and I put up the C.O.P.S .   This begins May 13 and Jay will also be honored there.   When I had talked to the Aurora officer he spoke of this event, "DC will be exhausting......but you will get to see what the law enforcement family is all about".    

Another event that follows will be June 10th--the Pikes Peak Fallen Officers Memorial Ride.  We attended this last year as they had honored Jay there.   I encourage any to go to this event...especially if you have a bike and even if you don't we took the ride via the truck.  I include a link to their page as well.

Ty modeling the shirt from last year...okay he wasn't modeling but I think Jesse looks like he is.   He was one of the bike riders as well as Tonya and Jeff...

And yes even though the Firecracker didn't feel good at all...she hopped on a bike herself...I can't believe how she has changed in a year...

So lots of thoughts of Jay...I wonder what he would have thought of all of this...But know we think of you often and miss you...and would much rather have you here...but guess that's not how the story was written and how just an ordinary guy who loved his job...ended up a hero...and like the shirt said...Jay Sheridan...Fallen but not Forgotten. 



Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Here at my kitchen table this morning...I was reminded of someone special...someone adored....someone to pray know amazing woman...adored by all...who has been diagnosed with cancer!  And her family asks for prayers!   Prayers as she has only been given a certain amount of time they say.  THEY...I know THEY are doing their job and I am thankful for the THEY's that they do their jobs.   But actually perhaps we might all do differently if we were told we had 6 weeks....6 months....6 years.   It sort of puts things in perspective...the things that are important...the things that well....really aren't!

I have seen loss and felt it to its core.  I do not take it lightly.   But I know we are not guaranteed...and so I pray...but what do I pray for?   And I was given Romans 8 this morning...and I look at 8:26-27.   I look at different translations as the "groaning" part hits me...but in times like this...there is in fact GROANING...but this one seemed to say more...

Romans 8:26-27

New American Standard Bible (NASB)
Our Victory in Christ
26 In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; 27 and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God.
and this is followed by yet another that is familiar and comforting as well!  I go back to the King James becomes it is the one we know and love...

Romans 8:28

King James Version (KJV)
28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

If any of you know Kay...yes I know each has their own name to fill in but today it is Kay for me...she is an amazing woman!   Her smile can light up a room.   She raised 5 boys in Texas...and these boys were all boy...but have each grown to be great men in their own rights...and much because of a mother's love and prayers!  I think just raising even one of them might have put her in the running for sainthood and we won't even talk about her brother (WHO I LOVE DEARLY)!   Okay now my friend from down south would tell me..."Ya'll are just being ugly!"   They all know that I love them!

So today I want them to know that there are many praying for them...and I pray for strength and comfort...I read the God Calling devotional by A.J. Russell...the Two Listeners...and I share it...

April 24 - I Go Before
You can never perish, My children, because within you is the Life of Life. The Life that down the ages has kept My servants, in peril, in adversity, in sorrow.
Once you are born of the Spirit, that is your Life's breath. You must never doubt, never worry, but step by step, the way to freedom must be trodden. See that you walk it with Me.
This means no worry, no anxiety, but it does not mean no effort. When My Disciples told Me that they had toiled all night and taken nothing, I did not fill the boat with fishes without effort on their part. No! My Command stood. "Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught."
Their lives were endangered, the ship nearly sank, the help of their fellows had to be summoned, and there were broken nets to mend. Any one of these troubles might have made them feel My help was not for them. And yet as they sat on the shore and mended those nets, they would see My Love and Care.
Man rises by effort
The man who reaches the mountain height by the help of train or car has learned no climber's lesson. But remember this does not mean no Guide -- this does not mean that My Spirit is not supplying wisdom and strength. How often, when sometimes you little know it, do I go before you to prepare the way, to soften the heart here, to overrule there.
"And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish." John 10:28

And then I take part of the Jesus Calling by Sarah Young devotion for today:
"REST IN THE STILLNESS of My Presence while I prepare you for this day.  Let the radiance of My Glory Shine upon you, as you wait on Me in confident trust.  Be still and know that I am God.  There is both a passive and an active side to trusting Me.  As you rest in My Presence, focusing on Me, I quietly build bonds of trust between us.  When you respond to the circumstances of your life with affirmations of trust, you actively participate in this process."

Okay I know Kay would be thinking WHY has she put up my picture and wrote about me...Kay is one who always seems to put others first...such an amazing woman that we can all learn so much from.   So many love this woman dearly and we hold you and your family up in prayer!   Love you Kay!

And this is a PS I guess as this song was given to me on the drive...It needs put in...for who I don't know...


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oppy's Little Helper

Oppys little helper we had to pull it
This was the text I received Thursday...the picture above with the words below it.  I really don't believe in I received this text during a I am not usually one who looks during such times...but I thought I better check because while Heather and I were at Linda Lyons funeral...Izzy and Oppy were hanging out...The old shepherd had a calf in progress and so he met up with us for lunch...and then the exchange took miniature Firecracker made it to the old green Ford in which the seat had to go in the front because as I was told by one little wise one..."Oppy has too much stuff in the back."  

So I thought perhaps I better check and make sure everything was okay...not that I should be worried because after all the Firecracker is just the right Oppy size..."walk, talk, and poddy trained!"   The essentials are covered.   But the fact that this text came through during probably one of my harder parts as Go Rest High by Vince Gill was was played at my own mother's funeral and also at my son-in-law Jay's.   An amazing song...but emotional as well!   But I peeked at my texts just to see a picture of one smiling little girl and a new born calf in the background.   A reminder that there is joy during pain...there is new life!

So I get back to when we got home on "Oppy day"...while the shepherd in training was sleeping...Oppy had company...Ed stopped by to drop off some onion sets that Tim let him find...okay it is its own story about these two old fa....fathers that's what I was gonna say. But here on the Funny Farm those big city wi-fi e-cafe's got nothing on us. After Ed helped Tim "work" on the it throw a few was time to find a the redneck surfing began...

Ed and Tim the Funny Farm bar!

And then to top the day doesn't realize the "good life".   The Firecracker was sleeping away and so when she finally woke up, her mom was getting a replay to how the day had went...Yes the highlight and the first thing she told her mom she got to do...I know some of you have never in your many years done this and yet here the Firecracker not even three years old...yes her Oppy helped her, "WASH HER HANDS IN THE TANK!"   I know!   How could one not understand what an experience this is!   She went on to say that she had touched the new calf and then her and Oppy had washed their hands.   She also got to ride on the 4-wheeler...AND drive in the pasture...shhhh don't tell.   Like the preacher at the funeral had he spoke in front of several State you have to see me doing something wrong or what if I tell it...something on that order...I admit it was funnier how he said it.  However, it was also such an honoring gesture seeing these officers showing their respect.  Brought back memories seeing officers gathered around waiting...of course someone  had commented on how many were there and Heather spoke of how it has just become something she is used to...this could be meanwhile back at the ranch...
Well the Firecracker also had to help Oppy with some chores...especially feeding the bottle calf.   She loves her some chores.  Oppy had said she had told him...this fun Oppy.   So I throw in a few more pics of the shepherds and the mini Shep's day...

Shepherd in Training
Now this wasn't the same day...but close enough...
Getting our Izzy hoody on so we can feed the baby...
We are very fascinated with this...

The Funny Farm...for sure...a Holstein back in the milk barn...bottle babies...wasn't by choice...
.just a mama (not the original mama...not doing her job)     The Firecracker was determined to hold it...
(truth in advertising...this wasn't the same Oppy Day photo).   When she chased the was come here buddy!

This was also a different day...but this girl likes to HELP!!!  Here she was helping Uncle LaLa

So it was a great Oppy day having the Firecracker and her mama there even though not for a happy reason in them coming down...and I think of the day Izzy had and what her memories of Oppy will be.   I think of her other grandparents and of the gifts they share...Izzy and Grammy sharing Grammy Monday's going to the park...playing in the dirt...Izzy and Grandad going to the library every Thursday to hang out with Miss Lucy...sneaking ice cream...taking the cars out for a drive...and things that we once said might be fun to be a fly on the wall watching those more than it was said...they got out the fly swatter and took care of that pesky fly...and I wondered what will the Firecracker remember of me?

Will she just remember a crazy old woman who sang silly songs...will she remember all the many hours we rocky byed...will she remember how I got my Ahma Ahma Ahma name...from our own version of Paddy Cake singing Izzy and Ahma (Used to say Grandma until she changed my name).   But I would touch her heart then mine singing Izzy and Ahma...Izzy and Ahma...Izzy Izzy Izzy and Ahma Ahma Ahma...and I thought really what I hope that she gets from me would be a Legacy of Love.   I know how much she is surrounded by love from all of those around her...Legacy of Love now that one is one to pass on for many generations....

I think of the Legacy of Love and I include the following picture because it just makes me think how we are touched by many generations...this thing called family...

I Googled Legacy of Love wondering if there was a song...and came across this one...


Thursday, April 19, 2012


Isabel...our angel...her daddy's "Peanut"
So this one has been building for a few days now...and I think it must be about time...funny how God seems to put all of these people in our paths...and each builds on to the lessons we are learning.  The other night the Firecracker and I were sitting at the kitchen...nope not table...counter...she was eating something not even sure what we were doing...but we got off on discussion like we sometimes do to which she says..."who you dad?"  I reply, "Hoopee".   Firecracker, "Where him at?"  I reply, "Heaven".   Firecracker, "How tum?"   Me, "He died."   "Why" I am asked.   "He had cancer", I tell her.   "Who your Mom?"   "Granny", I say.   "Where her at?"  "Heaven."   "Why?"   "She died?"    "How tum?"   I tell her, "she got sick."   So she changes to, "Where my dad?"   "Heaven" I tell her?   "How tum?" she says.  I say, "He died".   To which this continues and she says, "Why?"   I tell her, "I don't know."    And just as soon as the conversation ends. 

This little girl seems wise beyond her years as though she knows stuff that some of us aren't privy to.  Perhaps a gift from God.  I was talking with my friend Mary and we talked about how little ones are not inhibited by what they are not supposed to know or think...   She has this thing of being very upset if she doesn't get to give kisses and hugs goodbye...a strong lesson to learn before your third birthday.   A lesson in which some spend a lifetime and never learn...that we really do not know each time if it will be the last time we say goodbye...wouldn't you have rather said it with a kiss and a hug!

So the next morning after our discussion about Heaven the night before...I am back at the counter with one little Firecracker who is eating her special egg omelet burrito that I cut like a slice of pizza...okay Izzy was impressed.   Anyway I had not read my devotionals and so I grab the Jesus Calling.  I must say that I so love this which Izzy asks about it and so I ask if she wants me to read it out loud and she replies "yes."    And so I do not know what it is about and so I start to read out loud...Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for April 14:

"HEAVEN IS both present and future.  As you walk along your life-path holding My hand, you are already in touch with the essence of heaven: nearness to Me.  You can also find many hints of heaven along your pathway, because the earth is radiantly alive with My Presence.  Shimmering sunshine awakens your heart, gently reminding you of My brilliant Light.  Birds and flowers, trees and skies evoke praises to My holy Name.  Keep your eyes and ears fully open as you journey with Me.
At the end of your life-path is an entrance to heaven.  Only I know when you will reach the destination, but I am preparing you for it each step of the way.  The absolute certainty of your heavenly home gives you Peace and Joy, to help you along your journey.  You know that you will reach your home in My perfect timing; not one moment too soon or too late.  Let the hope of heaven encourage you, as you walk along the path of Life with Me."

1 Corinthians 15:20-23

New King James Version (NKJV)

The Last Enemy Destroyed

20 But now Christ is risen from the dead, and has become the firstfruits of those who have fallen asleep. 21 For since by man came death, by Man also came the resurrection of the dead. 22 For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all shall be made alive. 23 But each one in his own order: Christ the firstfruits, afterward those who are Christ’s at His coming. 
Hebrews 6:19
New King James Version (NKJV)
19 This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which enters the Presence behind the veil,

I am not going to lie when I say I had a lump and a shakiness in my throat and even tears as I am  reading this out loud to one little girl who knows more than she should about Heaven and dying...I think of her daddy and how we miss Jay...but it gives such a comfort.   And so I am sure that this was written just for this time and this place...HEAVEN...and I ponder...but no the Lord was not done sharing with me yet.  

I let a special friend...Amber...used to be Lyons but now she is Doak... know that her and her mama had been at my kitchen table...I guess my way of saying God had put them on my heart and mind.  Amber's mom, Linda, had fought the fight with cancer...and she fought hard...but Linda always seemed tough.   We had many good times when our kids were growing up...many a volleyball game we watched together and though we lost touch after the kids were older...there is still a connection that is there...So as Linda passed away on April 14th...I had asked Amber if she had read the Jesus Calling.  I had hoped it would maybe be some sort of comfort...even though words really cannot take the pain away...but we can pray that those suffering loss will find some peace!   I remember the sunrise that morning that I had thought of began with a redness...a pain almost but it continued on until it was burning a bright ball of fire...and I thought of heaven!

And so Amber replies to me and tells of how on Saturday how she could not sleep and so she reads in the Jesus Calling and her words to me are just another reminder of how God is with us..."As much of Saturday is a blur I was restless that night in sleep. So I got the Jesus Calling book and read Sundays readings. Then I thought to look at Saturday. As soon as I saw heaven the tears began to flow. He knew the plan way before I did. I have re-read Saturday's scriptures everyday. I guess I find it comforting to know that He put those there for a reason."
I so admire Amber's faith in her young age through all of this...and there is a song that I will not hear ever again...without thinking of Amber and her mama Linda.   I think of tracking the battle...hoping Linda would make it through the holidays...then seeing she got to see and hold Amanda's baby...and I smile...and think how much she loved her kids...and so I include the song I think of them..."I Will Praise You in the Storm" by Casting Crowns...

But that is not the part of Amber's that touched me as much as her talking of her son...she told me, "Thursday before I left for work Kaden said, "mom I'm sad. I'm sad because Oma is gonna die and go to heaven and we wont see her anymore."  I held back the tears and said you're right but we can still talk to her. Then he says mom you kiss your mom and tell her you love her and goodbye. So I do as I was instructed to by my soon to be 4yr old. Then Saturday comes and my kids were sent with my in laws that morning. When I saw Kaden that night he looks at me and says, "mom did Oma die?" I reply yes she did. He says today? Yes. He says are you sad? Don't be sad it'll be okay. Maybe he's what God sent for me to help me not feel so sad."

And I think out of the mouths of Babes!!   I think of the joy that these little ones bring us...and it makes me think of another song that I love that I think of Heather and Isabel...but I think also of Kaden and Amber...God gives us many different people in our lives...people we need to remember to be thankful for.

I think of talking to a cousin who lost his mom and how his words touched me...his mom Phyllis was one of those amazing people...I think of her often at my kitchen table...but I loved his words, "I dreamed about my mom the other night. I do that every once-in-a-while. I'm sure this time it was from feeling all the stress - she was such a rock for me in hard times. I guess she still is, just in my dreams now."

Another cousin Wendy Sue posted this on facebook, "How cool this is.... Long years ago I did this quote in embroidery for my mother in love Neta Hoyle because it was one of her favorites ...and showing up now is amazing ..
Also won a certificate last night from Platte Furniture and she had worked there too for a lot of years! Mom Hoyle I feel like you are close and that is a good feeling ....~~~♥"

And I think how close some of those that have gone on before us feel...I don't understand the whole thing but I feel they are gifts from God...unique ways of comfort to each of us...Oh there are many stories that I could share...but I think of a song that our friend Tyler said I might like...thank you.  You were correct... I do Ty.  It just seems like one I should include here...perhaps something to think about before we do go to Heaven...God has us "Wait" in many ways...

And so finally I end this with a picture I took on that Saturday...I called it Linda's sunset...and I think of her family as they will lay her to rest and I pray for their Peace...was funny as I was at my kitchen table this morning the reading was on Peace and when I was about to finish, I was given the word Shalom...I do not know this word really and do not know what it means so I look it up and it is a Hebrew word meaning Peace...but it also says Hello and Goodbye...and so SHALOM...just seems like it should go with HEAVEN!!


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So just wanted to share Jesus Calling today...just a good one to think of...and I woke up yesterday singing this song and so I leave it here today to listen to as you read...

And here is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for today's devotional...

"THIS IS THE DAY I HAVE MADE.  Rejoice and be glad in it.  Begin the day with open hands of faith, ready to receive all that I am pouring into this brief portion of your life.  Be careful not to complain about anything, even the weather, since I am the Author of your circumstances.  The best way to handle unwanted situations is to thank Me for them.  This act of faith frees you from resentment and frees Me to work My ways into the situation, so that good emerges from it.

To find Joy in this day, you must live within its boundaries.  I knew what I was doing when I divided time into twenty-four-hour segments.  I understand human frailty, and I know that you can bear the weight of only one day at a time.  Do not worry about tomorrow or get stuck in the past.  There is abundant Life in My Presence today."

Psalm 118:24
"This is the day which the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it."
Philippians 3:13-14
"Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus."

So after reading that I decided I would FAST today...usually fasting consists of voluntarily giving up food so that one can pray and I am voluntarily giving up COMPLAINING!   Well I have made it so far...haven't left my kitchen table yet...but I have a good I give thanks for this day and like it said EVEN THE WEATHER!... There is fog out there...I am praying for rain...but I am thankful for fog...that means there is some moisture in the air...

Have a great day!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So I know I know I shouldn't even be using any WORDS I should be doing strictly numbers to those of you that are trying to keep me on task to get my taxes done.   But I came across such a great read today that I really wanted to share it.   I have been hearing the word--WORDS alot them...listen to them...obey them...share them...

You see I have to watch my words...I have what some might used to have referred to as a smart mouth...I don't think they were referring to my intelligence either!   I speak fluent sarcasm...often without first thinking about what is coming out of my mouth...thus I really do need to think about my words which brings me to what I want to share...BUT first I put in pics of my lilacs at work...can you smell them!!  This is right out my window...and one wonders why I get distracted!!  :)  Look at the butterflies...this is usually where Bob and Alice build a nest...but I am thinking they might have been singing, "we're moving on up to the east the deluxe elms in the sky"   I seen two doves that acted like they might be living there...I will have to check it out...oh and you see there I went...

Lord please let my words be sweet...for tomorrow they may be words I have to eat...

So here is the reading...I get Girlfriends in God sent to my e-mail everyday and I usually share it with several I wanted to make sure I kept this one as a reminder...I have thought about wanting to write a book..."What to tell me when I get older--note to self!"   But anyway here is the writing by Sharon Jaynes...I will try and put a link there so you can check out their site...

April 10, 2012
You’ll Meet An Old Lady One Day

Sharon Jaynes

Today’s Truth
“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control,” (Galatians 5:22 NIV).

Friend to Friend
One of my favorite books I have written is
The Power of a Woman’s Words. One of my favorite sentences in this favorite book is, “Our words become the mirrors in which other people see themselves.” That is a huge responsibility and a powerful privilege.
At the very end of the book, I included a piece that someone passed along to me, and I want to pass it along to you today. I think about it often and pray about it frequently. Let me know what you think.
You are going to meet an old lady someday. Down the road, ten, twenty, thirty years; she’s waiting for you. You will catch up to her. What kind of old lady are you going to meet?
She may be a seasoned, soft and gracious lady. A lady who has gown old gracefully, surrounded by a host of friends – friends who call her blessed because of what her life has meant to them. She may be a bitter, disillusioned, dried-up cynical old buzzard, without a good word for anyone or anything – soured, friendless, alone. The kind of old lady you will meet will depend entirely upon you.
She will be exactly what you make of her, nothing more, nothing less. It is up to you. You will have no one else to credit or blame. Every day, in every way, you are becoming more and more like that old lady. You are getting to look more like her, think more like her and talk more like her. You are becoming her. If you live only in terms of what you are getting out of life, the old lady gets smaller, drier, harder, crabbier, more self-centered. Open your life to others. Think in terms of what you can give and you contribution to life, and the old lady grows larger, softer, kinder, greater.
These little things, seemingly so unimportant now – attitudes, goals, ambitions, desires – are adding up inside where you cannot see them, crystallizing in your heart and mind. The point is these things don’t always show up immediately. But they will – sooner than you think. Some day they will harden into that old lady; nothing will be able to soften or change them then.
The time to take care of that old lady is right now, today. Examine your motives, attitudes, goals. Check up on her. Work her over now while she is still pliable, still in a formative condition. Then you will be much more likely to meet a lovely, gracious old lady at the proper time.
So, tell me what you think.
Let’s Pray
Father, may the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing in Your sight today. Help me to be the woman that You created me to be.
In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now It’s Your Turn
Go back and look at today’s truth. Which one of the fruits of the Spirit do you need to fertilize with prayer to make it grow in your life?

More from the Girlfriends
I wouldn’t call it a “spoiler,” but you did get to read the very end of Sharon’s book,
The Power of a Woman’s Words. If you’d like to learn more about how to be a woman who speaks life into those around her, and “work over” that woman that you will one day become, then check it out on her website,

So I think back on WORDS...and let me use mine wisely...I show another pic from out my window...

So in case some of you may wonder just where my little office on the prairie is down by the is looking at my windows to my's tough duty but someone has to do it!!!  If you keep looking to the north you see a big batch of buffalo grass and behind that the old West Ranch Headquarter buildings and past that the Arkansas River...Tonight on the way home I got held up in traffic...I had to wait for two dear to cross the highway and then got to watch each of them clear the fence...I took my lunch break on a walk down towards the river...not a bad gig at all...

Yes my windows were open I sometimes get a little distracted...but not too bad!!!

Ohhh Spring it has arrived and the green is coming...come on rain...and I give thanks and ask for help with my WORDS!!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday...

Today...Good Friday...Good Friday in so many ways...I am not working...may get to see my kids...but GOOD FRIDAY...a part of my faith.    I struggle at times to understand the why's...but my faith says it is so...why would Jesus have to die upon the cross!   But He did...and for that I am thankful.  Which goes with the Jesus Calling devotion by Sarah Young this morning!

"BRING ME The SACRIFICE of thanksgiving. 
Take nothing for granted, not even the rising of the sun."

But there was more...and then it went on to say:

"When you focus on what you don't have or on situations that displease you, your mind also becomes darkened.  You take for granted life, salvation, sunshine, flowers, and countless other gifts from Me.  You look for what is wrong and refuse to enjoy life until that is "fixed."

When you approach Me with thanksgiving, the Light of My Presence pours into you, transforming you through and through.  Walk in the Light with Me by practicing the discipline of THANKSGIVING."

And no more than had I read that did I begin to view another amazing sunrise.   So I stopped and again went to take pictures....and just like had so many phases.   I stood on my porch and begin to take in each little step as it rose...and when I came in it was as though I should look at John.  I began putting words from John 19.   When I had finished the story of our Lord's was as though it should go with the pictures I had I share the story with you...that you may reflect and give thanks as I put in my slide collection...

So be thankful for this thankful for sunrises...for those you love...make it a Good Friday!


Thursday, April 5, 2012


So I waited to post this until I could include the online link of the Fence Post...Enjoyed the article and the pictures...I put most of  this together on Tuesday so when you see really isn't today because after all...I DID WORK 2 DAYS THIS WEEK!!!

Today...I stayed home again.  I took another sick day.   Maybe a little bit of the sinus stuff or just allergic to wind!   However, I am looking out to the north and the door is covered with "WET".   We got a little bit of precip last night...snow and now it is trying to rain.   We embrace and welcome and give thanks for any and all moisture that we receive. [we ended up getting 1.25" here!]  

Anyway...I went out to get the mail...and there in the mailbox was the Fence Post Magazine and on the cover was a picture of our lambs standing in front of the old milk barn...okay not a milk barn anymore...that ship has sailed.   Anyway it was Very cool!   We enjoyed the reporter Robyn Scherer coming down and shooting some pictures and clay pigeons with us.  Looks like she shoots the camera as well as a gun!

While the cover was very cool...the article was cool as well!  Click on this link to see the whole section of the  Fence Post - Champions of the Ring .   I would encourage you to look at the whole thing but look extra close starting on Page 5. 

And so I decide to just include the pictures that I had taken from our sheep weekend.  Lance took a few lambs to the Crowley County sale.  It was the first year and a small sale...they had goats, pigs, and sheep.   Like I said...Pfeiff Suffolks and Hamps took a few lambs.   Since I love playing with my Ahma sized toys (PhotoShop and camera) and playing with the pics...I hope you enjoy looking at them half as much as I enjoyed taking them.   My nephew said I should be a papparazzi...perhaps I could be a sheeparazzi! 

During the Saturday of the buyers was Dally Buhr and we enjoyed getting to see her and her grandparents and mama as well as meeting some of her family from Kansas.  It still is hard for me to believe Dally is a senior in high school.  Her personality is one of those that just makes you smile...I snapped a few pics of her...and hope she has a good showing with her lambs.  She is pretty busy right now it sounds like...senior year...valedictorian I think...but thanks Dally for the smiles.  It really doesn't seem that long ago I remember your mama being that age...and wonder where the time goes...Loved watching you load your lamb.   Flip flops and all!

Dally Buhr and her Grandpa Mason buying...looking...and loading
 And so while that took up part of Saturday...we still had time for supper at the Mission Deli followed by a couple games of pinochle...yes Lance and Great Grandpa Pfeiff...beat Oppy and Great Grandma...two games...not that those two will let it go to their heads.

Then came Sunday and had a few more buyers to come.   One of which is Colton Gruntorad...Thanks for humoring me Colton and Lance and letting me take your pictures!  

While one of the possible buyers was not able to make it...the Barrett sisters did.   However, I had been shooting some shots in "Effects" so these...while I think kind of cool...are a little different.  

One of our favorite buyers--Dacey Corsentino has already been here and I should have taken her pictures...I could share her lamb from last year...Dacey is another one who I remember not being very big and coming along to look at lambs...and now she is growing up so fast and doing such a good job.  It has been fun watching how much she keeps improving in her showmanship each year...

Looking forward to having a good show year.  Thank you and Good Luck in the upcoming SEASON and lets hope for lots of CHAMPIONS OF THE SHOW RING!


Sometimes sunrises don't wait...sometimes they do...

This morning at my kitchen table I was later than I could have know the wake up and think I'll lay there and then doze was still before 6 and so I come out and see the fog that seemed to take over the morning.   Not to the point that you couldn't see anything but just enough that adds that little extra beauty...

I wondered if my camera could catch it and so off I went to take a picture.  It was still early enough that I thought I shouldn't have much traffic.   After all do I want to be known as the crazy old woman strolling around in her jammies snapping pictures....ahhh I guess if that is it is.   My dad always said if they are talking about me they are leaving someone else alone.   And come to think of it...probably anyone who travels my road might not even notice or probably wouldn't care if they did.   I can hide you know!

Anyway I wanted to catch the alfalfa field and so I interrupted my reading and had said sunrises do not wait on anyone.   I thought I was catching the best part of it.    It was beautiful I confess.  But then when I came back in...I went back to reading and looked up and you know sometimes sunrises do wait because now the sun was coming up and the beauty of the morning seemed to just leave me in awwww....that would be awwww as in awesome as compared to ahhhhh isn't that sweet or my sarcastic side comes up with "special...hmmm I think of the spelling of my Ahma name...oh well where was I?

And so I just head out to the porch this time...but oh the sun in all its magnificence...

And I really don't capture the complete beauty of it...but you get my you notice where the sun is in location to the has moved way north...winter is gone...oh sure we may still have some more snow...but I take pictures of the puddles!   A gift from God...and I think of things that we think that this will not wait!   But you know sometimes it does and it may not be better but sometimes it is.  I read a deal the other day that says God has three answers...Yes...No...and Wait!  

I am reminded that today is Maundy Thursday...I think of my brother and wishing  I could watch him in his he performs in the Last Supper...and I think of the Last Supper and am reminded of my Christian faith...that this time of year is the Foundation for our Faith...

As many of you are well aware...I am far from a Bible scholar so I look up Maundy...and it says...

What Does "Maundy" Mean?

Derived from the Latin word mandatum, meaning "commandment," Maundy refers to the commands Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper: to love with humility by serving one another and to remember His sacrifice.

I can't think of anything better to do today...


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fabulous 50

And today a very special friend turns the big 50!   So with that I say...

So I stole a birthday pic of her as I love this picture and a picture of the cake I made for you.  I hope you got it in the mail as I know you are always making the cakes for all of us!   And of course a couple more of your faves M & M's and then that Kaleb guy!!  

I remember the first time I seen Denise...I was working on Main Street in Ordway and I seen her bopping down the street to the post office.  I was not certain where she came from but she always seemed so happy...and just had a bounce to her step.   It wasn't until later that I actually met her and she was working for the Ordway New Era and she came and borrowed our fax machine.  And then it seemed we got to know each other a little better...then we both became involved in school and the old PTA...and then we drank too much Dr. Pepper and decided we needed a slide!   We bonded even more over that whole getting a playground for the elementary.   But we definitely had some fun times...some hard times...she sang at my mother's funeral...and then she later sang at my son-in-laws.  For those who have not heard her beautiful have missed out.   I am so glad that she gets to use her voice in her work.

And then life happens and we do not get to spend the time together that we wished we could...but we have a bond that we both know the other is there!    So you know Denise I am thinking of you today and love you my friend and miss you.  

I thought I would find a Barry Manilow song to put on here but another kept playing in my song...I love the Golden Girls and think of Denise...another friend Debbie and I...if we were the Golden Girls who would be who.   I am sure I would have to be the tall crotchity one.   Deb and Denise would have to fight over being Betty White and Blanche...But you know they are the celebrity ones...the real HONKY TONK ANGELS...singing the National Anthem at the Alamo Bowl...oh I miss those fun times...but wouldn't have missed having them.  

Denise I talked with Jen about the whole Fab 50 thing...and touched my heart hearing your daughter say how much she appreciated you for being there for her...and you are there for a lot of us even when you don't know you are!    So here is to good friends and fun times...and will love seeing you soon!   You wear 50 well!!

I LOVE YOU my friend and you are FABULOUS!!!


ALRIGHT goes against my whole being...but really couldn't go without sharing Barry!!  I think he is dedicating this song to you...I mean you two did have the same hair!!!  You know I had to do it!!  lyp

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Birthday Blog...Happy Birthday Josh!

I am not sure if many of you have seen the different links I put up for my family in Illinois.   But it is kind of cool today on Josh's birthday that we got to get to see an article that covered him with this new journey he is on.   It is so amazing and inspiring to see what Josh has done in such a short time.   This article and the pictures included just make me smile...

Photo taken by Tom Sistak of The Times article at the link below...

I encourage you to not only read the article but to look at Josh's new website.  His artwork is amazing regardless...but when you see what he has overcame to do is truly amazing!   I am inspired every time I see it.   Please check out his his story.  I also put a link to his mom at the C.L. Roth site...their story is inspiring...

I put in some of Josh's pictures...just because I think they are amazing...I recently received some of these paintings and want to frame them in a special way.  Though these are some of his earlier work, it has seemed lately that Josh has this new energy that has came over him.  God has blessed this young man with such talent...yes I am a little envious...when I put my little stick flowers up next to these...they just don't compare!

This year Josh has been on a journey to find his voice...I believe he is getting heard.   His Mom, Carol, has been on a mission to help Josh be able to communicate better...I am sure she and Josh would love to hear from you.   Check out his site and see works in progress...

AGAIN Happy Birthday Josh!   I hear you aren't celebrating until tomorrow so
have a great day tomorrow...and lets hope you get some delicious cake and some of your favorite meals!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cluttered plane of life... I am at my kitchen taxes house spotless from top to bottom...every window washed sparkling in the office completely organized and fact I even got it painted...that is after I built that desk I wanted...painted my my new lawn myself out of debt...while cooking a gourmet meal for my family in my body I had lost...well we won't say how much I lost from that bike ride across the country...while I wrote a couple books along the way...and I know you all are sitting there wondering who took over Penny's writing...I have an answer for that.

Ahhh the peach tree is blooming...makes it feel like Spring indeed...

THE APRIL FOOL OF COURSE!!!!   And so I give you all a glimpse of my list perhaps...things I think would be things I think if I  had all this accomplished I would have more time for You Lord...more time for my family...more time to do those things I love to do...

I of course am brought back to the real world and am so reminded of it and I smile as I read Jesus Calling by Sarah Young for today.  How I love how God gives you things different places...In case I haven't mentioned--I love this devotional.  Perhaps maybe for the journey that I am on and it seems to be going along with me.   God gave me "Enjoying Peace in His Presence" for a reason!   And I smile at the others whose life it touches...though I think sometimes it must have been written just for example of when one listens to God...what amazing things can happen.   But here I go up on my soapbox while riding my bike...that could lead to a wreck.   Today's reading says:

"I AM CALLING YOU to a life of constant communion with Me.  Basic training includes learning to live above your circumstances, even while interacting on that cluttered plane of life [Oh yes this hit me] You yearn for a simplified lifestyle, so that your communication with Me can be uninterrupted.  But I challenge you to relinquish the fantasy of an uncluttered world.  Accept each day just as it comes, and find Me in the midst of it all. 

Talk with Me about every aspect of your day, including your feelings.  Remember that your ultimate goal is not to control or fix everything around you; it is to keep communing with Me.  A successful day is one in which you have stayed in touch with Me, even if many things remain undone at the end of the day.  Do not let your to-do list (written or mental) become an idol directing your life.  Instead, ask My Spirit to guide you moment by moment.  He will keep you close to Me."
And the scripture that goes with the reading today...1 Thessalonians 5:17...a simple one that packs a lot of punch...

"Pray without ceasing."

That is one that does speak to seems I am being taught more and more on praying...and it isn't just something you do before your meal...something I only do at my kitchen is something that we do fact here it says without CEASING!!    Hmmm just how much is that?   

I then read the second scripture (she usually lists a couple scriptures that are incorporated in the writing...sometimes you get to reading those and off you go...)   So here is the second which is also the April verse of the month.  Well Proverbs 3:6 is but it seems to me that 5 has to be included as well!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths."

This one just seemed to hit me where I know right here on my "cluttered plane of life".   Yearning yes for a "simplified lifestyle".   But I love the words "Accept each day just as it comes, and find Me in the midst of it all"!

So I look at the calendar reading for the day and it seems to yes be on the same theme for me...Amazing sometimes...

"Anytime people set goals for their lives that require great striving, intense frustration, repeated failures, and manipulation of others--that is an unrealistic goal...Now, I'm not saying that the achievement of goals doesn't require effort, education, training, or the development of skills.  Those factors are always necessary in the attainment of any goal that is worthy.  God doesn't give us talents and abilities that are fully developed.  He requires that we sharpen them...It's another thing entirely to commit yourself to becoming an opera singer when you can't carry a tune in a bucket."
So I guess there goes my opera singing career...but I think you probably get the point that Charles Stanley was saying in "God's Way   Day by Day".    Don't get me wrong...I will still strive to accomplish goals and tasks...but I can't get the song out of my head by Keith Urban "You Gonna Fly with Me" and I think of this picture I caught of this butterfly as I patiently waited for it to fly...and I think I wonder if God thinks that of me...and it is almost as though He says...

"You could be a blackbird on a country street
Hiding from the world with a broken wing
But you better believe you're gonna fly with Me

And you could be a songbird from New Orleans
scared of the rain, just as scared to sing
But you better believe you're gonna fly with Me." 

So I leave you with Keith Urban's song...and just crank it up...sing along and may you FLY!

 Have a great day...and APRIL FOOLS...oh yeah the day's not over yet!!