Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hats off to you..Denise...

And today at my kitchen table...a little something of my good friends, Denise, was graduating from Regis University and I was planning to go.   Instead I decided to stay home with my sore throat and headache and think of her.    So when I received a text that told me I could watch the graduation...yes I could be there right from my kitchen my flannel pants and all!    I got the link for the live feed and then a pic of the hat to look for.   A hat specially designed by her daughter Jenn.  I loved the hat!  

While I was waiting our friend Debbie had texted me and so I tell her she could watch yes Denise...the honky tonk angels were cheering you on.   Wish we could have been there live!  But we did get to watch you walk the stage and receive your diploma.   Even getting a little longer stage time!  

So I asked for some pics...some just to enjoy part of it and some to add in here and so Jenn humored me and sent me some of my friend with the awesome smile...

I think of what an awesome woman she is and how proud I am of her...I remember the first time I noticed Denise...she walking down Main Street in Ordway on the way to the post office with such joy...then we ended up working next our kids did our friendship...remembering Jennifer would come over to my office...sitting under my desk visiting with me of so many things...of Steve not very old dancing on the car...of getting a slide...of Mr. Earl...of Friday night dinners...her political career as mayor..of being there for the other when losing those special to us...sharing her awesome voice...and even though not living as close...still such an awesome friend.    Today I am thinking of here another accomplishment graduating Summa Cum Laude. 

I think of not too long ago...Denise taking on another job within her job and I was called as a reference.    They asked her faults...I said well not sure if it is a fault...though she does take on a lot...but you know she seems to get it all done adding her MORE to it all (still blame it on the Dr. Pepper).   I think of all the time and energy she put into this and a check off of something she has wanted to do for a while...she inspires me and I am thankful to call her friend.

So I hope to get together and celebrate...had thought of doing a Barry song...but you know...but with that thought in mind...LOOKS LIKE YOU MADE IT!!!

Congrats my friend!!!