Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy Birthday LaLa

Happy Birthday from my kitchen table to one of my favoritest son!   Lance Paul Pfeiff born at 4:00 a.m.  (I won't say the year because he is a little sensitive about his age!)  No not a minute after or before 4:00 a.m. but 4 right on the nose...milking time at the time he was born.   I am so blessed to have him for my son and I know that is way more MOOSH than he is comfortable with...BUT I am his mother...there should be advantages of having this body ripped apart...I AM JUST KIDDING Lance...I would not have traded anything for having you!

We recently took in my niece Bethany's wedding well turns out it was Josh's wedding too....small world.   And though that is another story...I got some pics of my son that I love...Oh I actually have several...which is partially his own fault because he was party in my camera gift...

I think this has to be one of my favoritest...I think he had about the cutest date for the wedding...even if she was resting up for the party...she knows what a girl has to do...even though I don't think it was a girl that she got that party gene from!

And so then I hope you have another day of celebration...I share Lance and of his favorite things to do...

Lance and Bethany and Lance and Lance (Shane Lance that is)
Lance and his "wifey" and then there was that woman that "works out"

Then Luke came on and there was only one girl that had to dance to Country Girl Shake it for me...Of course by this time this cowgirl had taken her hair down and was ready to party!

And so even me and his sister got in on some dancing...and I include a sort of dance as we went to the wedding...Father and son hanging on to one precious LALA I hope you dance and thank you for being the great son that you are! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This morning at my kitchen table I am filled with emotion and offer up prayers of strength for the family of James Davies.   The Lakewood officer who lost his life in a sad trail of events...but I think of the day ahead for his family...his family of wife and two children...but also his "family" in uniform.   Though it is a day for honor it is definitely a day of overwhelming emotion.   Just the sight of seeing all of those fellow officers...of seeing the impact that "one life" makes...a reminder for us all that our own life is one that should impact others...I have started putting up on facebook instead of the blue line but my own take of the blue line from the memorial for Jay...A reminder that we are each one voice.

My prayers go with them as I hope that you will join me as I know the power of prayer in times as these...I have felt it!

I borrow this picture from Geri Pring...a friend I have known...since well before my brother bought her "white elephant" box supper because her mom was an amazing cook...that would be before they started school.   And I seen the other day that Geri who works for the Colorado Springs Police Department was honored at the "Medal of Valor" ceremony.   I smile thinking of that little blonde girl now a police officer...and I appreciate what she does and the support that she gives to others.  

I go back and think of Officer Davies wife and children...their lives never to be the same.   But I pray that they may have peace...that they may have joy...that they can hold their heads up because of their dad...their husband...being an honorable man.

I shift gears and also pray for my cousin going through surgery today...a battle of honor in her own right...a battle against that enemy we call cancer!   I pray for the doctors hands...the nurses who care... and for those that could and could not be with her that they hold her up in prayer and healing!   Love to you Jody.

I have a gift bag sitting on my kitchen says...

"May the God of Hope fill you with all Joy and Peace." 
Romans 15:13

I pray for peace for heart goes out to all...