Thursday, October 28, 2010


So since I started my kitchen table journey, it seems as though I get "words for the day".  Yesterday was Prayer!  

When I started this daily journaling (I have always journaled but not as consistent as daily) I mostly was writing down things I had read, things going on with others.    But then one day my mom's cousin was hurt and we were asked to pray for her.   So I started my "list".   I put her name and a few words that I wanted to pray about.   Well then someone special had an awful experience and so I put her on my list with some words.   And so my list grew...

At the top of this page I had taken from my living Bible from 1 John 5:15..."And if we really know He is listening when we talk to Him and make our requests, then we can be sure that He will answer us."    As I said, my list grew so when I moved on to the next section--I put at the top Philipians 4:6 "Don't worry about anything; instead pray about everything.  Tell God your needs and don't forget to thank Him for his answers."   This one made me stop and realize that not only did I need to ask...but I needed to give thanks!  I have tried to think more about when someone asks me to pray for someone that I take note.   Being as forgetful as I am the list also helps when I can go through and see the answered ones!

It is funny how some days that I will be going through my list and how some people just seem to jump out at me.   Or some I have to add new words to...And while I am working on my praying some days I feel my kitchen table one morning I wrote, "Do you suppose sometimes when I pray I sound like I am talking in a drive thru speaker.  I am glad God can understand me--even when I don't understand myself."

Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From my kitchen table...

I am a visual! I like a least a picture in my mind! And you are asking and what does this have to do with MY KITCHEN TABLE!!

It started perhaps as a whisper--a little voice that said to read more, pray more, write more. But with whispers, they are easy to just talk louder.  Being a talker--I just continued to talk and so it is kind of hard to hear a whisper.  BUT it didn't stop, instead the whisper became louder!  Do you know how you hear messages--messages that seem to come from everywhere--from all directions? You listen to a song and you hear a message, you talk to a friend and they seem to be expanding on the message, you listen to different people talking and they seem to add that much more. Well in having the constant words coming at me, it was like I kept hearing the message to find a place...a place to write...a place to learn...a place to listen.

Well I have an office but those who know me also know that this is not the uncluttered "sanctuary" that seemed to be part of this new journey.  But then one night, as clear as day, I had this picture in my mind of my kitchen table. On it was this old Living Bible that was given to me by special friends when I first became a Christian, my journal, and a devotional given to me by a friend.   This picture seemed to be enbedded in my mind...I couldn't get it out of there. So it was as though I needed to listen, to obey, and so I began this journey from my kitchen table.

I am not an early riser by nature...even though married to one....I always have liked to tarry a little longer. But because of this urging, I began getting out of bed and would read and write every morning. When I started down this path--it was not always an easy thing to do. It did not always seem to be a fair trade for that little extra time in bed when I would first get up.  However, I soon began to look forward and cherish these mornings because of the special inspiring moments that I would have.  And these early mornings have taken me on this most awesome adventure.

Although I have been on this journey for almost a year, it seems that it is now time for me to share with others.   Thus I have taken on this new means of communication--THE BLOG (Please be patient with me as I learn the ettiquette of BLOGdom)!   Perhaps it is just an exercise in my walk--an opportunity to listen and learn and not ask why. But maybe--just maybe on some days my words might touch someone's heart...might make them smile...maybe encourage them when they are down...might just make them stop and give thanks for all they have!

I do not know why I have been inspired to share from my kitchen table...but won't you please grab a cup of tea and sit down and join me...