Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fabulous 50

And today a very special friend turns the big 50!   So with that I say...

So I stole a birthday pic of her as I love this picture and a picture of the cake I made for you.  I hope you got it in the mail as I know you are always making the cakes for all of us!   And of course a couple more of your faves M & M's and then that Kaleb guy!!  

I remember the first time I seen Denise...I was working on Main Street in Ordway and I seen her bopping down the street to the post office.  I was not certain where she came from but she always seemed so happy...and just had a bounce to her step.   It wasn't until later that I actually met her and she was working for the Ordway New Era and she came and borrowed our fax machine.  And then it seemed we got to know each other a little better...then we both became involved in school and the old PTA...and then we drank too much Dr. Pepper and decided we needed a slide!   We bonded even more over that whole getting a playground for the elementary.   But we definitely had some fun times...some hard times...she sang at my mother's funeral...and then she later sang at my son-in-laws.  For those who have not heard her beautiful have missed out.   I am so glad that she gets to use her voice in her work.

And then life happens and we do not get to spend the time together that we wished we could...but we have a bond that we both know the other is there!    So you know Denise I am thinking of you today and love you my friend and miss you.  

I thought I would find a Barry Manilow song to put on here but another kept playing in my song...I love the Golden Girls and think of Denise...another friend Debbie and I...if we were the Golden Girls who would be who.   I am sure I would have to be the tall crotchity one.   Deb and Denise would have to fight over being Betty White and Blanche...But you know they are the celebrity ones...the real HONKY TONK ANGELS...singing the National Anthem at the Alamo Bowl...oh I miss those fun times...but wouldn't have missed having them.  

Denise I talked with Jen about the whole Fab 50 thing...and touched my heart hearing your daughter say how much she appreciated you for being there for her...and you are there for a lot of us even when you don't know you are!    So here is to good friends and fun times...and will love seeing you soon!   You wear 50 well!!

I LOVE YOU my friend and you are FABULOUS!!!


ALRIGHT goes against my whole being...but really couldn't go without sharing Barry!!  I think he is dedicating this song to you...I mean you two did have the same hair!!!  You know I had to do it!!  lyp

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  1. Ha Ha Denise...That is the play button not his nose!!