Monday, August 29, 2011

You and me...

Iz and Op...
you and me together can do anything

 One of those special weekends...had a little Firecracker spend the night with me and the old P-pa!   (still need to write about last weekend and time at Lance's new house but looking for pics)  Okay maybe I got sidetracked and...

So I kind of get out of order of how the weekend went in starting with this pic...but it goes with the you and me together theme as I had been listening to Dave Matthews singing "You and me" today and this video I think is a cool video... You and Me by Dave Matthews   But it says, "You and me together can do anything baby... when the kids are old enough we are going to teach them to fly..."  

But it also brings to mind of how together...two or more or whether it is thinking of  the Firecracker and sometimes I wonder how one little girl can bring so much sunshine...her and I sing "This little light of mine" and she likes the part..."Hide it  under a bushel--NO--I'm gonna let it shine!"   And let it shine she does.  

My God Calling today said:  "August 29 - Breathe My Name

Just breathe My Name.

It is like the pressure of a child's hand that calls forth an answering pressure, strengthens the child's confidence and banishes fear.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.  Proverbs 18:10"

And you notice....still with the breathe theme!

Well the weekend went a little bit like this...We went and picked Izzy up on Saturday...had the "Great Grands" Pfeiff ride along with us for a ride and fine dining in Limon, Colorado.    Picked up a Firecracker and her Mama and met Aunt Aum and Androooo (as Izzy calls him) at Oscars for lunch.   Then we headed back south and Firecracker's mama headed north to uncle La La's and Ty Ty's...(sorry couldn't resist putting it in there).   

Stopped and played a bit at the Great Grands and then when time to leave...some little miss gave kisses.   She gives good "loves" when she so chooses!   And I am thankful she got a special day with them but also that they got one with her...

"Great Grands and Isabel"
Joyce and Frank Pfeiff

We made it to our house and nothing doing but one little firecracker go and help P-pa do chores...while the picture above is from Sunday...there was lots of action on Saturday as well.   The little "Firecracker Princess" helped drive the power Ranger, helped haul some hay to the goats using the skid loader and of course giving everything an "Ahhh".   (You know that sound you make when it's a good drink...well that is how Firecracker says drink).    I looked out the window once and she is in the back of the little Ranger pickup getting the corn out of the buckets...quite a pair.   Of course, they had left to do chores after I had asked what they wanted for supper.   To which Izzy replies..."brownies".   I told her well let's ask mom who replied, "NO!"   At this Firecracker and "Op" as she calls him say YES!  (because he used to be called Pop but turns out that is that yummy stuff you drink so she changed it from Pop to Op and then since he is her junk food source she will say, "Pop Op".   I think there might be a Dr. Suess book there somewhere!!

So I didn't end up having just brownies for supper...but those two could have handled it.  Firecracker chose the table to the there at my kitchen table where I sit every day...and count my blessings...was one of those blessing just sitting there.   She definitely had a lot of individualized attention but turns out Op got finished sooner and proceeds to get himself a  handful of M & M's while Izzy is eating her chicken and rice.  To which she thinks she needs some M & M's.  So of course Op thinks she may need some so she had chocolate and chicken...shhhh don't tell mom.   There is an Easton Corbin song about spoiling your grandkids and the daughter getting upset with him...I think he wrote it for the "shepherd".

Then came bed time.   Firecracker had told her mom she needed to take her blue M & M shirt that Grama got her...okay sometimes Grama or "Ahma" as Izzy calls me tends to get things a little big...However, she loves blue and M & M's so can I help it that we still need to wear it...but the way she is growing it won't be long...I say she is calling mom in this phone but turns out she has a pretty good imagination and was just pretending to talk.

Usually a night owl...this little M & M crawled up on my lap by 10 p.m. because it was lightning and she was hiding.   Well I'd be darned if that dang old sleepy bug didn't come and bite her...

After a good night's sleep...well I guess we got up at 4:30 a.m. for a drink and poddy but then right back to it until 9:00 a.m.   We had thought we would go to the state fair and watch the sheep show and then go to a birthday party for Alex...HAPPY 35!!   But turns out that the little Wilson boys were sick and their mama was afraid Firecracker might get sick...

In Grama's kitchen getting ready to go do chores...
So we stayed home but then because the sandals did not pan out the night before...P-pa told one little girl she needed to wear her boots so she wouldn't get dirt in her shoes...which explains the shorts and boots outfit.  But hey if it's good enough for Taylor Swift it surely is for Izzy Sheridan!! 

"Me stir Gramma!"

Then after chores and checking out Op's fish...Grama and Izzy made pancakes and eggs and then we played with Helen, Jody, Grama baby, cars, and all of the other toys Grama has...and before we knew it, it was time to head back to Limon and see some little Firecraker's mama.

We ended up getting to eat with Aunt Aum and Androo again...but also Jake and Amy and Josh met up with us.    Which it was in saying goodbye that a couple pics were caught of Jake telling Izzy goodbye.  This one definitely touched the old heart as Jake and Jay were both the young guys on the Limon PD and to those who didn't know them would sometimes get mistaken as they are similar size and similar hair cuts and just remind you of the other.

Officer Jake and Izzy...
Wish this wasn't blurred but you can still tell...
Jake has worked hard at making buds with Izzy.   So when she of course wanted to give loves to Amy (that would be Jake's Amy...the new Mrs. Jake)...but she was hesitant of Jake.   To which Jake with that cute little grin he gets says I'm not afraid to make little ones cry and he picks Izzy up as though she were weightless and puts her above his head and then pulls her into him.  

Izzy's done and Jake is happy with his "loves"

She then gave  him not only a hug and a kiss but also a "knuckle sandwich."   Those from the outside might wonder why this little girl is shaking her fist at this big old cop...but her daddy had played with her and said do you want me to give you a knuckle sandwich and she had learned it early...and to her it is a way that one should greet many of the police officers that she comes across.   So we did not catch the pictures of the hug and kiss and the knuckle sandwich was a little blurry...but the last one where she was done and heading for mama...shows that Jake trademark it just made me smile that Jay's "Peanut" has so many who love her...and help her be a happy little girl. 

And when we thought we were about ready to go and some had left to go pay while some of us were sitting at the table...Firecracker looks up and all of a sudden yells Granddad and wants to get down from the table as fast as she can and proceeds to march through the whole Denney's through several tables of customers because her Granddad Sheridan and Grammy Sheridan had came in...and I watch his face light up as he picks her up and she shares the same joy for him and Grammy...and I think of the song you and me...and I think how many of us she has brought joy to in just a 24 hour period...Oh love that Izzy girl!!!   You are a gift from God indeed...and I give thanks for a great weekend...and perhaps some may think that I talk alot about a little Firecracker...but I just am capturing some memories for you and we can remember some of these special days...


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