Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Goodbye to summer...

Labor day is supposed to be the end of summer...oh sure there are more days until fall officially begins but it was as though with Labor Day weekend coming...summer said I GIVE!   The weather cooled off and it felt like fall might actually come...you know it has been hot when a two year old steps outside and says, "Not hot!   Nice!"   Yes, I realize this is Colorado...we are not done with hot...but the cool was a welcome change and break from the heat...

Was a great weekend.  It started on Friday afternoon with a trip to Red Rocks to see Alison Krauss and Union Station...was a great concert...Her voice is amazing and in the Red Rocks setting was soo good.  This concert was a gift from our kids for our 30th wedding anniversary...I highly recommend if you get a chance to go.  I took a pic with my phone so it really doesn't do it justice...but was so cool when Jerry Douglas...who I was thinking some sort of guitar...but it was actually a resonator guitar (a guitar on steroids!)...(thanks Kimmy:)   Anyway they were having tech issues at the beginning and he played the National Anthem with only him on the stage...amazing sound.   I am thinking as a musician that would be an amazing experience...(I have decided when I turn 50 going to work on playing guitar...and I want to play just like him...I say set your goals HIGH!)

Then the final songs by Alison were so good...of course my favorite..."When you say nothing at all"..."Down to the River to pray"...and not sure exact title..."Reason for it all".   And funny how those last two songs had been part of my week prior so were extra beautiful.   A rain had came through before the concert so had the freshness of the air...(well until it took on a little different aroma...a very diverse crowd)...but you could see the lightning off in the distance...the weather was what you might call perfect!  Not too hot--not too cold--JUST RIGHT.   My cousin Vonnie was also there with her hubby, daughter, and mama for her birthday...I am sure a happy birthday for her!  Who had also offered me a ticket...so I am sure I was definitely meant to go...But the weekend didn't end there...

We headed east for Limon with Heather...yes she probably got the short straw...as Lance got to go north! :)   Had to stop along the way for bathroom stop and so picked up some munchies for the trip home...must have been something in the air...ANYWAY...spent the night at Heather's where Aunt Aum and Izzy were hanging out!   Aunt Aum had met us in Denver and her Izzy headed to Limon earlier...Izzy was excited about "May" Aunt Aum's dog going with them...and time with her auntie!   When talking about this Izzy replied, "Fun!"     Iz did get to have dinner with us...Aunt Aum was over on the right and Uncle LaLa on the left...but like I said was using the phone camera and it can sometimes be iffy...so some were a little fuzzzzy and this expression here is one that I have seen before perhaps from her Daddy!  Like what exactly are you doing now Auma!

Izzy and her Mama at the Black Eyed Pea!

Like I said we spent the night and so the next day decided to head for Colorado Springs...do some shopping and get us some Fargo's pizza...had a great day with Firecracker and her mama!   Was so funny watching Miss Izzy shop...She found something she liked and so she told her mom, "fit, size, and threw it in the cart..."   Her mom found her a "blue" shirt and some jeans...that I have to say made her look way too big!

P-pa and I headed on home Saturday night and then Sunday was around home...moved furniture and some laundry in the afternoon...and then the kids had went to cousin Keri's so Izzy could play with her "brothers"--Peyton and Mason.   Think they enjoyed and then they showed up to our house about midnight or so...However, Sunday morning I got the following text with the caption..."Who do we look like in this goat outfit?"   OH this would be a Peanut...her daddy's girl definitely!   Cammo pants and boots and our favorite t-shirt even if it was too big...This just makes me smile...quite the attire for doing our goat chores!

Time to tend to the goats...Daddy's Peanut for sure!

So Monday morning...Labor Day...I spent some time at my kitchen table...and then I heard..."Auma" and some little Firecracker talking to her mama...so they come down and she wanted me and I must say I got the most wonderful morning love...and then we decided to go find some breakfast.   In case I haven't mentioned before Izzy LOVES eggs!   So decided to make her eggs in a nest...this was always a treat growing up...if you don't know what it is...you cut out a circle in the bread which you butter and grill and put an egg in the middle and then you have the middle round piece as toast...but while cooking...Firecracker took her place where she likes to HELP...I dedicate Alison Krauss', "I Will" (okay maybe a little group called the Beatles might have sang...but love this version...)  I Will sang by Alison Kraus   "Love you Forever...and forever...love you with all my heart...love you whenever we're together...love you when we're apart..."

Love you sweet Izzy...making eggs in the nest...on Auma's counter...
with our blue fingers and toes (thanks to Grandad and Aunt Aum)

So then Labor Day...P-pa and Izzy were out for a drink as well as the boys...Tyler and Lance helping her get ready to head for the Big City of Pueblo...She has her some boys that love her lots...and she thinks quite a bit of all of them...

Did I say I love these two...Izzy and P-Pa!!

Uncle LaLa smiling and Our boyfriend Tyler...(quite the expression)
Trying to adjust pants that didn't have a band...

So yes it was a wonderful weekend...Labor not too much...but we did change the old goose costume...so not real fall attire but Izzy wanted to put her bright yellow and pink rain coat on the goose and since we could use some rain...we put Miss Goose's (This is one of our favorite things to do is change the clothes on the goose)...anyway we put her bikini top on and raincoat and hat and a floatation device...so me and the Firecracker say COME ON RAIN!!  

Hope you all had a good one as well...and I give thanks!!   Boy I am falling behind on blogging as it seems I have all kinds of stories floating in my head...hoping to maybe get some high speed internet...then LOOK OUT WORLD...!!   lyp

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