Monday, September 19, 2011

Hey girl nice bike...

For those that don't know...the valley in the fall can be almost perfect weather...and this beautiful weather and procrastination from all summer...I tell myself that during this last week I was going to get the tires aired up on my bike.   Those of you might recall I got my Schwinn Cruiser for Christmas.   It was a gift from Heather, Jay, and Izzy that brought tears at the time.   And probably could again.  

As a young girl I remember buying my first Schwinn as I lived in Palmer Lake...well actually at the time, I was "Penny Weese Wance living at Wake Wodge in Pawmer Wake, Cowowado."   It could be perhaps some form of child abuse making a little girl who can't say her "L's" live in such a place.   No, I cherish memories of Wake Wodge.    ANYWAY this truly is a bike riding story...but that first Schwinn was blue with training wheels.   Oh sure it was used but you couldn't tell.   I think I may have been 3 or 4 years old.   But I can still remember sitting at the table next door to Lake Lodge at the Italian restraunt and somehow that was where the deal was made.   With my dad sitting at the table with me.  But I bought that blue Schwinn with my own money...$10.  (Other than it almost seems that there was a hat or something passed around Lake Lodge for maybe even this very purchase...that memory is a little more hazy). 

However, I more than got my money's worth out of that bike...riding it around on the dance floor with our family friend Ernie running after me and our dog running behind.   I can picture this memory as though almost I am someone on the outside looking in.   Ernie was in the armed forces and was to be married and was killed in a car wreck on the way to see his bride to be...and I sometimes wonder since I cannot remember names and wonder what happened to his bride and little girl...

My New Blue Schwinn...from Heather, Jay, and Izzy
And the old blue Schwinn even survived a few years with my brother have to realize though that Shane gave the bike a whole different life!   It had to jump, and who knows what as you can tell, I had some great attachment to that old blue Schwinn!    So when Heather and Jay and my Firecracker gave me this new blue Schwinn for Christmas WITH the was a touching gift in deed.

So when I figured out that it was missing a screw/bolt type thing on the back fender I didn't know if I should return the bike or just try to get the part.   Needless to say....I kept the bike in my entry way for many months.   And instead of acting I just left it sit there.   Summer came and there was my bike...but it was awfully hot and I have to say I might be a fair weather biker...I do not bike in 100 degree weather!   Needless to say I missed probably many good opportunities to ride.   But I guess if it can take 9 months to have a baby...

And I think of Izzy's other "Grammy"...Jay's mama.   Maryann is a bike rider and her daughter has compared her to Mary Poppins on  her bike.  She has told me that she only has so many bike rides and so many a time she will head to Fort Collins saying she is going for a bike ride.  I love the story where some friends said they wanted to go for a ride with Maryann.   She wearing whatever she happened to be wearing that day and the others in more bike riding attire if you will.   Well I take it that Maryann was told to take the lead...but I love to hear Autumn tell the story making her sound as if she is Mary Poppins.  Well I think the others might have been a little suprised as it turns out that they might have had a little bit of a hard time keeping up with Grammy!    So I need to get in condition that I could maybe make part of a bike ride someday when Izzy might want to go with her "crazy" old Grandma's.   I didnt come up with that..."my favorite son-in-law" seemed to make references to us being crazy...I have no idea what he was talking about!

Thanks for being patient as I get back to my story of my new blue bike.  I wanted to get it going this week for some reason...don't ask me why...but there is some beautiful days as I might have mentioned earlier...and perhaps like Firecracker's other Grammy...maybe I only have so many bike rides in me.

So yesterday, I talk the shepherd into airing up my tires and even though the screw is not fixed...I sent an e-mail to Schwinn today...I went for a ride.   WELL...I must say it is a smoking cruiser!   I took off on a ride and thought this is why I loved riding a bike.   I seemed to make the half mile down the road easy and headed back.   It was a great ride.   So tonight, I couldnt wait to get home from work and go for a ride...and yes I made the mile ride and had to keep going.   I of course still need to get the bell put might remember my favorite commercial...Schwinn Magic Bell commercial

While traveling down the road...

Well you might be wondering why I titled this as I did. goes back to my granddaughter and her "boyfriend".    Yes I am not sure about a 2 year old and a 21 year old but I guess if she loves him we have to as well!   Anyway Tyler when we are out riding around together has been known to say, "Hey girl nice bike!"   Maybe sometimes he might tell anyone on a bike that.   But Izzy loves when he does this and now there is a little girl sitting in the backseat who will say, "Hey girl nice bike!" if the windows happen to be down.   She did it the other day when  her and her mom were somewhere...but it is another treasured memory I want to keep track I ride along on my NICE BIKE...

And I play with another Christmas gift...Photo Shop from Lance...I think I will love it if I figure it out!!
Me on my bike...took this myself with my phone...AS I WAS RIDING!   Can you tell?

and of course I say..."wanna ride a bike"!


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