Monday, September 26, 2011

Kisses, Hugs and Yahtzee...

My Firecracker....Izzy!


Took a sick day today...stomach issues...I won't go into it!!    Instead I will share something else to think know things like kisses, hugs, and Yahtzee...

As you may all know, my Firecracker was at my house this weekend.   I know I seem to dwell a lot on this Gramma thing...but there are so many things I learn and think about in looking through the eyes of a child.  Perhaps I didn't get to think on them as much when my kids were know with the Gramma get to experience things and then you have time to reflect on what you shared instead of being like the parents...not much time to think about this "thing" because you have to move on to the next "thing"! 

One of the rituals that Izzy has when she comes to my house is changing the dress on my goose.   This goose was a gift from my sister-in-law Jo and so she has several different outfits for different seasons and events.   The last time Izzy was here and I might have mentioned we put on the rain gear consisting of the fluorescent pink and yellow bikini top, rain slicker, floatee, and the hat.   These could be two different outfits but to Isabel...they are one ensemble.    We kept these for quite a while because Izzy liked it and of course I would always like rain so wanted to be prepared.  
  However, on this last visit she comes and points at the goose and says "hmmm" as if Ahma it is time.  And so she goes and takes the outfit off and marches into my bedroom where she knows the other outfits are put away.   So we go through and decide against the Halloween outfit but we find the little gingham and I think sure this is time for getting out our aprons and putting up goods for the winter...But before the weekend is over she thinks that perhaps we should change we put on the orange Halloween outfit...witch hat and dress.   Except before long she wants it changed back to the rain there sits the goose now in the entry still hoping for rain!!    I love these little traditions that we are forming without even really thinking about it...

But the memory that sticks with me was when I was in my room getting around and in comes one little Firecracker...yes she can now open my door...and so she comes in and sitting over in the corner is this little blonde haired blue eyed doll that my friend Doris, "Memaw", gave me one year.   The doll is in a BLUE velvet dress in an old fashioned desk.  And most importantly this day is her SHOES!   Usually this doll is on my ledge...but that is another story...
Anyway Izzy comes in and wants to hold the doll and I tell her we have to be careful with her and so she very softly gets down on her knees and starts looking at the doll and talking to her.   And she gently grabs the hands...I tell her shall we call her Isabel to which she gives me a "YA" and I think someday I will probably give that very doll to her just because of this day...(And I think of recent conversations of my family regarding my cousin Kathy having a Chatty Cathy doll and how her getting that doll back many years later still touches her...and I think of Aunt Helen and her dolls...we don't just hand down the dolls but the love and memories that goes with them).

Anyway Izzy starts giving kisses to the doll and I tell her not to give all the kisses to the Isabel doll...she needs to save some for Ahma.   I said you need to save Ahma some and put in your pocket.  To which she seems to grab a kiss from her lips and puts it in her hand.   She then looks at me and says "Ahma, no pocket!"   And then before I can say anything she says, "Purse!"   And she heads for my purse...falls to her knees and proceeds to unzip it.   Once unzipped she throws the kiss in and zips it back up.   She continues playing and then all of a sudden says, "Hugs Ahma!"   And she hugs the Isabel doll and then heads for the purse again and puts the hugs in my purse.   I love her imagination...and just think of this moment.

For some reason though she has now decided to put P-pa's handheld Yahtzee game in my purse as which I hope I remember or I will be busted for stealing old "Op's" Yahtzee...but then the part that just put it in my heart and not my purse all the more is when she runs out to tell her Mom.  In her two year old "language"...she comes out saying, "Kisses, Hugs, ahtzee--Ahma's purse!"   To which her Mom who is pretty good at speaking thinking a little on this as she has not been in the bedroom observing this whole experience.   And I think...yes these are things that you should keep with you...kisses, hugs, and representing the fun in life and not knowing how the dice will roll but keep on playing...YAHTZEE!

So I stop and cherish this time together...hanging out with my girls...blowing bubbles in our jammies...and I give thanks for these moments.   And as I am hanging out flicking channels I come across Joyce Meyers talking and I listen to her for awhile and she says something about her website to which I feel lead to check out...and I find the following reading that I think is definitely something we should ponder...well for sure me!

by Joyce Meyer

Simplicity: Five Things Little Kids Can Teach You

How many days a week do you feel like life is just too complicated? Even if it isn't, it doesn't take us long to make things complicated. Human beings just have this innate ability to ramp up everything to the next level. I once tried to plan a simple barbecue party...I was going to invite two couples from church, grill hot dogs and hamburgers, and just sit around and fellowship. Sounds good, right?
Well, in one week I managed to turn two couples into 20, buy expensive steaks I couldn't afford and drive my family crazy with a list of chores I was convinced we just had to do before company came over.
Frankly, I just wanted to impress people. And because of it, I had a miserable week—and I made my family miserable too.
What's the simple solution to all of this? I believe the answer is in Luke 18:17: Whoever does not accept and receive and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child [does] shall not in any way enter it [at all].
Did you notice it says little? As children get older, even they begin to have the ability to complicate things. But when they're really little, there's just none of that.
Little children aren't complicated. They don't live their life trying to impress anyone. And they can teach us a lot about how to enjoy life.
"Multitasking may be popular, but the Bible tells us to give our mind to what we are doing."

Lesson 1: Let Things Go

One thing about children is they are extremely forgiving. One minute they can be fighting over a toy and the next minute they're hugging.
I can tell you that hating people is complicated and it's hard work. You can carry a grudge and be bitter, resentful, mad and offended. And every time you see "that person" you can cringe inside and you can talk about them behind their back—or you can spare yourself the trouble.
Listen, don't waste the rest of your life sulking about some unfair thing that happened to you. Get yourself off your mind…and simplify.

Lesson 2: Be a Dreamer

Another thing children do that makes their lives simple is that they so easily believe. They believe in magic and fairytales. They have no problem coming up with imaginary playmates or imagining life to be amazing and fantastic.
There's a book by John Ortberg called God Is Closer Than You Think. And in it, he writes about a little girl who said she knew Jesus was living in her heart because when she put her hand to her chest, she could feel Him walking around.
Now, we adults know she was just feeling her heartbeat. But that little childlike spirit felt God inside her! And when you think about it, she was right because a beating heart is a sign that life is in you.
As adults, we need to move into the supernatural realm and start dreaming again. We need to create joy in our own lives. It's a right and privilege we have as children of God, but it's a decision we must choose to make.

Lesson 3: Pick Up Your Toys

Some of us can simplify our lives very easily, even without using our imaginations.
For one thing, we can go home and clean up our rooms. Keep the stuff you use and keep the stuff you love. But give away what you're holding on to for someday because odds are when you need it, you won't remember where you put it.

Lesson 4: Focus Your Attention

Another way you can simplify your life is to practice doing one thing at a time. Multitasking may be popular, but the Bible tells us to give our mind to what we are doing (see Ecclesiastes 5:1).

Lesson 5: Ask Your Father

Finally, you can simplify your life just by trusting that God loves you and hears your prayers. Philippians 4:6 says, Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God (NIV).
If you want something, ask Him for it. If it's right, He'll give it to you. If it's not, just know He has something better for you in mind.
It really is that simple! I encourage you to stop questioning God with your mind, and start trusting Him with your heart.
Be a little more childlike in your approach to life. Who knows…you may just feel Jesus walking around in your heart.
Happy to Be Me.

This article is taken from Joyce's four-part audio series

This seemed to say so much to many lessons that we can learn from children...and so I think I'll let some things go... dream a little...pick up some toys as I pass by the fluorescent dressed goose...focus a little...and ponder and give thanks for these things until I can get another live or is it life lesson..maybe get a kiss and hug out of my purse...And just keep playing this game of life...or Yahtzee!


More than one way to dress a goose...Firecracker at can't see the bikini top...
who needs Barbie when you got a goose...even though that is a Barbie from when I was a girl...HUSH!

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