Sunday, August 7, 2011

We don't know...

On Friday as I was heading to Limon to hang out with the Firecracker...I had a strange experience.    For those of you that have traveled Highway 71 from Ordway to know that sometimes you have the road to yourself.    Oh sure I had met a few cars but there was no one in my rear view mirror and there was no one in front of me...leaving a lot of time for deep thinking...singing...checking out the country side.   This day I was traveling with nothing in my rear view mirror when out of the blue this vehicle was right up behind me.  I could tell there was another vehicle behind it though I couldn't tell what it was.

So the first white vehicle passes me and there behind me is a hearse.   And it just stays right there behind me in my rear view mirror.   Which I had this moment that I thought...this is much like comes out of nowhere and all of a sudden it is upon us.   But then it passed me and I went back to singing without much more thought...when all of a sudden I catch back up to it...and again I realize that sometimes much like death it seems so far ahead of us but eventually we catch up to it.   We really never know where it will be on this road of life we travel.

And so today I find out that a childhood friend of my daughter's, Justin Kahl, has passed away.   My heart hurts for his mother...his family...his friends...and yes my daughter.   Justin had called Heather when we had lost Jay and it had touched my heart.   I can still picture him and perhaps have froze him in junior high...and what a neat kid he was.   He was so funny and I loved listening to his stories...He was one of Heather's good friends and she was sad as many others were when he moved away.

I also became friends with his mom and have fond memories of her when she lived in Crowley County...and something like this I realize that we have lost touch and I am not for certain where she is...but right now wherever she is she is in my thoughts and prayers...and again I think there should be that rule that we do not outlive our children! 

We do not understand...and so I think of what I also heard on the drive to Limon...a preacher was talking and he said...we don't have to always know the answers  to everything...sometimes we just have to say I don't know...because sometimes like someone told me today...You never know...And so with that said I think of my cousin telling me how she wonders how some make it without faith...and I hold on to the fact that there is something more than this...that there is Life Eternal...

Peace be with you!


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