Thursday, July 28, 2011

Knee deep...

Those of you that know me know I love music...all kinds!   Probably comes from my Mom...she however could actually sing and play instruments...but I can play a pretty mean radio...and today in wanting some rain, I did a whole theme of playing RAIN songs which was kind of fun and quite a selection...and was fun seeing who related to which songs on facebook...

But my thought of getting on here was to mention that yes I have my stocking cap ready to go see the Zac Brown Band!   Look out Cheyenne...I was invited by my "favorite son-in-law's" sister Autumn...she surely has her stocking cap ready...however I am sure my son doesn't!!  I told him when I am up on stage he will say ya that's my mama! (HAHA)  But am going with some of my "kids"...I think about my folks that we always had "kids" around...I think about my brother who has "kids" around...Must be like's in my dna...I love "Kids" and Music (even though some of these kids are way past 18!).   I love them all!

There is a new song out by George Strait that my son Lance likes and it is a "Lance" song...(of course he is a dancer too so a Lance song must be good to dance to...not be too "sad"...)...but you know this song makes some valid points about just not "lay around and whine and moan"...

I'm Here For A Good Time I'm Here For A Good Time by king George :)

I'm not gonna lay around and whine and moan
'cause somebody done done me wrong
Don't think for a minute that I'm gonna sit around
and sing some old sad song
I believe it's half full not a half empty glass
Every day I wake up knowing it could be my last


I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time
So bring on the sunshine
to hell with the red wine
pour me some moonshine
But when I'm gone put it in stone
he left nothing behind
I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time

Folks are always dreamin' bout
what they'd like to do
But I like to do just what I like
I'll take the chance, dance the dance
It might be wrong but then again it might be right
There's no way of knowing what tomorrow brings
Life's too short to waste it
I say bring on anything


I ain't here for a long time
I'm here for a good time

And you know this song reminds me of Lance but it makes me think of Jay I stick in a favorite picture just cause...(stole it from Lance).

Lance and Jay...Family Tradition...but could be singing George:)
So this morning at my kitchen table I was thinking about music, kids, and thought about having fun!   So I am gearing up for my Firecracker Flex Friday...and then some Zac Brown...

With that said I am planning on just enjoying and being "Knee Deep"  Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band my favorite of theirs .   If only Jimmy Buffett would show how cool that would be :)

Soooo keeping with the theme..."Life is good today"...and tomorrow we may be wishing we were listening to Zac with our toes in the water but Cheyenne might not be hot we actually could be in rain who knows...but no worries I plan on enjoying the day no matter...For those not familiar with Zac may not know this song...and this version hasn't been bleeped out what might be in the sand...Toes by Zac Brown Band

Tomorrow is still Firecracker Flex Friday and so I will feel the "touch of a precious child and so I sign off singing..."A little bit of chicken fried...a pair of jeans that fit just right...and the radio UPPP!"   Chicken Zac Brown Band


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