Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Versary...

When Heather was just little my mom babysat her one year while Tim and I went out on our anniversary.  Because her birthday is the day prior to our anniversary they were playing with her new cassette player.  And so the recording goes..."Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom" to which her mom does not reply and I am sure she wondered what kind of machine that was!   Then you hear my Mom say tell them Happy Anniversary...to which you hear the sweetest little voice say, "Happy Versary!"   And ever since...that's how it has been said.

So today was bittersweet because it is Heather and Jay's 3rd Wedding Anniversary.   And so I wanted to emphasize the HAPPY part of the anniversary...I have memories of laughing even though a very emotional day.   I went to look for pics and found some that Patrick had taken...and there were several of "HAPPY!"  In looking I found a video from the wedding...so I watched it...and it did make me smile.

Jay and Heather...

Kara Randolph and Peyton Wilson (with Lance Pfeiff)

While the ceremony itself was not real eventful with funny happenings but instead just loving happenings...other than the ring bearer decided that he should stand up with the big guys...I can also remember little Kara walking down the aisle so big and then when her petals spilled she stopped in her tracks...the Best Man (Grandpa Gordon) came and got her because she stopped--not because of anything other than thinking that she should pick up the flowers...They would have been  about the age Izzy is now and how big these two were at the birthday celebration...where does that time go to???

I remember the yellow bird that watched over the whole event..the scrambling to get the broken Precious Groom replaced...and the joke of the groom lost his head!  

Probably one of the funniest parts I remember was they had several dances besides the groom and mom and the bride and dad...they had a parents dance...well Tim (Pfeiff) and I were dancing and Tim (Sheridan) and Maryann were dancing as well as Grandpa and Grandma Pfeiff.   Something was said about switching dance partners to which we did...and there was Tim and Tim dancing while Maryann and I tried to dance with out laughing too hard!

And it must be a family tradition thing because during the wedding dances there were as many guys dancing with Jay...I hope I can find the pic of him and his brother Shane...I remember the toasts...and I also remember my favorite son-in-law thinking we should take the keg back to the lobby...Oh Jay Bird how we miss that FUN you brought...you are in many of our thoughts today and we definitely wish you were here...

Making Memories of Us...I made a PowerPoint for Heather and Jay's wedding using this song as one of them because it made me think of them...and when we went to the motorcycle rally in which Jay was honored...as we left we stopped at a convenience store and as I carried little Isabel in with me...this song was playing and it played "I want to stand out in a crowd for you as a man among men" and I thought you did that one Jay!   I just wished there would have been time for more memories for you to have made...but you know you made some good ones when you could!  So here is a toast to good memories...and Happy Versary!  lym

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