Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stock Show 2011

So in case you were wondering how it went at the stock show.  I thought pretty well.  Lance received the Champion Suffolk Ram at the stock show.   So there on my kitchen some of his pretty ribbons!

These next group of pics below would be the champion show boy.   Well one of the pics in this collage has me and Izzy (I made the mistake of labeling this picture meandizzygrand and so when I had uploaded on our family site one cousin thought it was titled mean dizzy grand).  However, that was Firecracker and I's job...we got to hold the banners and ribbons, take pictures, and visit with everyone in the stands.  Pretty tough duty--but hey somebody's gotta do it!

 I didn't get a good picture in front of the sign as the ram was a little bit of a...hmmmm I don't think he is a "Diva".    So can only females be Diva's?   What would you call him?   Besides maybe a pain in the...Okay I got off track!   Those showing was mostly Lance and his friend Anna (Thanks to Anna considering she had just got into town moving back like a day or so before the show).   Sister Heather helped out when they needed a spare showman.   It is not really her thing but she is always a good sport and helps out!   My favorite son-in-law wasn't in the ring but I think he was in on the prep!   Since I only come up the day of, I really don't know what all went on behind the scenes at the show!  I think Firecracker enjoyed the whole experience...especially the squeeze cheese and a tote full of snacks!   Time with her Aunt Autumn (Jay's sister pics to follow), and Uncle Lance, and Mom and Dad.   They even got to all take a big bath together...well I guess some call it a swimming pool!

Champion Suffolk Ram...pretty exciting I thought!!

The ewes didn't get any purples....but still did okay.   Need to figure out how to get a little bit lighter pictures.  Maybe I need to drag out my PhotoShop and could help them out???
Includes the Wither and Frame Ewes (I think that is what I am supposed to call them instead of Market and Breeding!!)

I didn't get to put my pictures of the fans that one might be a little later.   But must say had a fun time at the Ole Stock Show.   The "shepherd" was telling me that they originally started the stock show at this time of year because it was after harvest and before spring calving.  However, it hits us right in prime time lambing season so the "shepherd" didn't get to go.   Which left me to bring the pickup and trailer home from Limon.   I was just thankful that I didn't have to drive it from Denver to Limon.   But from my kitchen table the morning after, I watch as Tim is out driving and backing the trailer all over and I am thinking, "sheesh here I was worried because I had to make right turns!!!   How does he make it look so easy?"  

But was a fun time even if only a day!   I will post later about those friends who came by!   So I think it must be almost bedtime.   Well for some...the shepherd is out birthing babies.   But in the words of one of my favorite lines from Gone With The Wind..."I don't know nothing bout birthin no babies!"   (That's my story and I'm sticking to it!)


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