Sunday, January 9, 2011

Listen...and sing this day!

With the New Year I have had put on my heart to LISTEN!   I am going through this journey with a special friend and it is an awesome experience with special things happening along the way.

I encourage you to join us in taking time to listen.  Each moring I head to my "kitchen table" to see what I hear--what I learn--such a special time.

The other morning a prayer came to me that I feel called to share--maybe just that obey (LISTEN) thing--but here it is:

God please come to my "kitchen table".  Thank you for accepting me for who I am.  Thank you Jesus for dying for me because of who I am.  This road we travel is one of joyous turns and sometimes long hills to climb--But it is a glorious venture.  One that I am thankful to be on.  Help me with my day to day struggles--struggles that really are not much in the big scheme of things.  I thank you for Your Peace, Your Spirit, Your Energy.  God you truly are an awesome God and I am thankful for your mercies.
Sing this day a new song.  Sing this day an old song.  Just sing this day the song the Lord puts on your heart!   Amen

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