Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am a little in thought today as my brother and his "smokin hot bride" as he refers to her...have left my kitchen table.   Yes we sat around this morning talking over "b & g" (biscuits and gravy) and I had my husband, son, and brother all at my kitchen table.   Some of my most favorite guys!!   And then my "special sister" that I am so blessed to have!

And while I am sad because my brother left...I think of my family in Illinois.   Where a brother has left-- leaving a very empty spot.   And I pray for peace and comfort in this day and days to follow.   I think of the circle of life we live in and how David Scales who just passed away was the son of my great Uncle Lem.   A great uncle who could bring out the "fun" in things definitely left an impression on me as did his son.  

So with that sadness, the weekend was also a happy one.  We had our family Christmas Friday night and I still smile of the thought.   It seems "Grand/Great" Uncle Shane  and the Firecracker....might not be a good combination.    But boy do they have fun:)    Izzy loved him.   At first it was one of just Izzy watching him and soaking it all in...okay maybe Uncle Shaner is not the one to teach her how to use her power drill!  

Izzy and her Grand Great Uncle Shane

But later Izzy went to her new stools that are sitting side by side.   One is the princess stool and the other was intended to eventually go in the bathroom maybe.   So Izzy goes over and sits on her stool and is quickly joined by Grand Great Uncle Shane (Izzy actually has two uncle Shane's as that is her daddy's brother's name too).    Anyway they go through some time of each sitting on their stools...playing with Otis...

But for those that know my brother...just sitting on the stool is not enough.   Next thing I notice he is standing on the stool whistling one of Izzy's favorite songs..."oh oh oh stuck like glue..."

Shall we stand...

Well of course this catches Izzy's attention and so she heads to stand next to this fun friend she has made.  And before we know it they are dancing on the stools...dancing with the dog.   She is calling him "Naner" or something and grabbing his hand if they needed to go somewhere...Just being!  

That is probably one of the things I love about my brother...he is fun...even when doing nothing he can make you laugh and just be happy to spend time with him.  

I had put my facebook status as saying "he's your oldest and your best friend" and as the Bob Seger goes on to say..."If you need him he'll be there again."   For some reason that part of the song always makes me think of him.  Perhaps it is because there is a bond of that relationship with a sibling.   They have been there throughout your life and they share memories that no one else has.   A special connection indeed.   I love time with my brother and we may not see each other for awhile but we pick right up and we always know the other one is there if we need them.  I am blessed indeed.

And I think how close my brother was with my daughter and I watch my son in training  to be a "great" uncle himself!   I think of this circle of life and how we pass on those things that we have lived.  Oh ya life is good!

Firecracker and her "Lance" uncles

And another weekend has came and gone...but definitely a good one!  So signing off from the funny farm and hope that you have an awesome week!!



  1. Tressie is still trying to make a decision on her Grand Great Uncle Andy! Every time she is around him, she definitly studies him hard and tries to figure out whether he is friend or foe?!? He has gotten a couple of smiles out of her! Shane looks good! Can't believe that we are all getting so OLD....

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