Thursday, January 20, 2011

Barbie leg...

I guess be careful what you ask for...perhaps one might think it would be nice to have "Barbie" legs.   But let me tell you a little more!   I have been fighting it for a while now but I have self diagnosed it and got in to the chiropractor today.   I told him as I have told everyone else--I have Barbie leg!    Do you know when you have those old Barbies the ones that have seen lots of playtime?   The ones whose legs seem to come loose from where they belong?   That is exactly how mine felt!    I wonder what the doc thought when I explained to him what I was suffering from.   But everyone is beginning to catch on and asks how my Barbie leg is don't be surprised if it shows up in some medical terminology description book.   I feel like I have been worked over a little--not sure why the doc didn't just get the super glue out and glue it in that way!

But we are in healing mode here.   The shepherd gets his stitches out tomorrow and has been busy birthing babies!   The young shepherd just pulled in to pick up sheep to head up to Denver tomorrow.   I can hear them on the lamb cam discussing all the new babies.  I on the other hand am sitting here by the fire, finished off a cup of hot chocolate (good medicine for Barbie leg), and waiting for the guys to come in!

So all in all--Life is good here on the Funny Farm!   And hey tomorrow is Friday!! 

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