Thursday, January 13, 2011

For Battle...

Last night the natives were restless--lots of noise there on the old "lamb cam".   Not so much anyone having any babies...they were just restless it seemed.  But this morning the shepherd headed out early because there was action!  

He ended up delivering twins...Two live healthy twins.   I watched them on the old t.v.  Something special about watching new life and little wobbly legged babies trying to find their mama.  (Especially from the warmth and comfort of my heated bedroom).   A miracle right there on my morning television...I watched instead of switching to the news.  Just something more peaceful about it.

But back to the shepherd.    While at my kitchen table this morning, "Ole P-pa the shepherd" is out on the porch putting on all the layers that have been necessary for these cold temps we have been having.   He mentions that his "bibby" coveralls need mended.    Well being the seamstress I am--I reply, "or perhaps replaced."   Keep in mind that he has another pair.   So I say, "you love those 'covies' don't you?"   To which he replies, "these are the ones I like to wear into battle!"    Battle would be when you go out in subzero temps and a little lamb or lambs aren't quite so sure that they want to see this big cold world...but mom says GO!    So being the shepherd he is, he does all he can to make sure that these little ones get a good shot.  

And so the "boss man" weekend shepherd is on his way to watch over the sheep...because tomorrow the "senior shepherd" is going to have a little surgery on his nose.   So if you think about it, say a little prayer for him that all goes well so that he can put on those old "bibbies" soon and head back out to "battle"!


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