Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Because...

 So this morning at my kitchen table, I felt inspiration for this blog.  A theme that I have been hearing from all directions--and so I started writing.  It has to do with being there for people not just saying, "If you need something" but just doing something JUST BECAUSE!   
There's a song by Tracy Lawrence "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" written by Casey Beathard and Ed Hill.  Find out who your friends are .   The words go like this...

"Run your car off the side of the road
Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere
Or get yourself in a bind lose the shirt off your back
Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare

This is where the rubber meets the road
This is where the cream is gonna rise
This is what you really didn't know
This is where the truth don't lie

You find out who your friends are
Somebody's gonna drop everything
Run out and crank up their car
Hit the gas, get there fast
Never stop to think 'what's in it for me?' or 'it's way too far'
They just show on up with their big old heart
You find out who your friends are

Everybody wants to slap your back
wants to shake your hand
when you're up on top of that mountain
But let one of those rocks give way then you slide back down look up
and see who's around then

This ain't where the road comes to an end
This ain't where the bandwagon stops
This is just one of those times when
A lot of folks jump off


When the water's high
When the weather's not so fair
When the well runs dry
Who's gonna be there?


You find out who your friends are
(yeah, yeah)
You find out who your friends are

Run your car off the side of the road
Get stuck in a ditch way out in the middle of nowhere
(Well man, I've been there)
Or get yourself in a bind lose the shirt off your back
Need a floor, need a couch, need a bus fare
(Man, I've been there)

Man, I've been there
Oooh yeah."
 So this song always makes me think of my brother, Shane, and his son, Ethan, and a whole "Mini X Fiasco/Adventure" (a story in and of itself).   But my brother is that kind of friend as is his wife (who happens to have a birthday today HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO).  They are the kind who really don't make a big production of it--they just do it--if someone needs help--they try and help them.  Don't ask for anything in return and just do it!

The other day I seen on Facebook where someone told one of my "friends" Jean (I always thought of her as Jeannie in another life I guess--but turns out she is married with sons and I think goes mostly by Jean)  anyway someone posts about how Jean isn't one of those who says if you need help let us know--she just helps.

So as I continue on here at my kitchen table I think of a picture of these cute little girls smiling in their new shirts that were sent by someone for no other reason than  the reward of those sweet smiles.  This same person along with her sister went and visited an older woman in the hospital, that was not even a relative--but a special friend--and took a plant just because.   Well that woman went home and loves that plant and I think more than anything it is a reminder that tells her--you are loved and are special!!   Little things...JUST BECAUSE!

These people inspire me.  That is how I need to be more like--not just throw out there if you need me--even though I mean it.  Turns out when people are down and out--they don't always ask for help or sometimes may not really be sure what to even ask for.

It has been driving in to me more--the message to do more for others and AGAIN..."It's not all about you Penny!"  Okay--Okay I'm learning! 

 As you are well aware I'm sure, we recently went to the National Western Stock Show and I see the bond with my kids (and it makes my heart smile).  A sister going to help and hang out with her brother even though she might not really be a big sheep fan.  Her husband and daughter come along for fun at the show and for support.  Many special friends also showed up.  They really aren't sheep fans, but they show up--JUST BECAUSE!

And then on top of this I got to spend time with an "old" friend--okay face it Phyllis we are getting there!  But we seemed to pick right up catching up on
new and old times.  And even though her and her husband didn't come to Denver for the sheep show--it is quite the sacrifice when a cattle man takes in a sheep show--but they came JUST BECAUSE!

I guess what I take away from this is that we all get little nudges to do for someone.  However, sometimes we try to not listen or just convince ourselves that it really wouldn't be that good of an idea--but again I am sent back to the whole LISTEN...and maybe there is more.  Not only do I hear the question, "Are you LISTENING?"--but, "Are you HEARING?  (Oh yes I am looking right in the mirror when I ask this!)

So maybe tomorrow join me and just try to do one little thing--just because!  I will see what I can do while I am hanging out with my girl on a Firecracker Flex Friday!!!

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!!   (Izzy at the stock show)

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  1. Oh, Penny, I think, no, I know, you do far way more for others than you give yourself credit for. I love your insight on how friends came to watch the sheep show, 'just because.' You will never know what they took away from just that event. Love the precious photo at the end of the blog. That photo says it all! Love you!