Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shepherd in training...

So up the road at Firecracker's house...her and her daddy started their game on...with goats!   I just had to share this pic of our little shepherd (okay maybe goats are herdsmen??? but I prefer shepherd) in training.  My favorite son-in-law sent out a picture off his phone of his little helper!  It's a little chilly up there but her and the goats looked pretty warm!

My Firecracker--Isabel (shepherd in training).

 Izzy is an animal lover.   Not sure why she is so serious here.   But actually it seems when you go to photograph her--she gets very serious!

Sounded like they had more than one kid today...oh the fun!

As I write this, my shepherd is out in the barn pulling a lamb.  I hear him on the "lamb cam".   In fact his phone talks and so I hear "Message from Lance".   So I know that they are texting about the new babies!  Ain't technology wonderful!

We had another lamb last night.  The shepherd was up most of the night it seemed.  He comes in and says another "single ram".    (Usually we refer to whether we have singles, twins, triplets...and seems there have been several single rams).  

Well I can't help how my brain works sometimes...but I decided to rewrite the Beyonce song.

All the single rammies...all the single rammies
all the single rammies...all the single rammies

If you like it then you shouldn't put a band on it
If you like it then you shouldn't put a band on it

Oh well...couldn't resist sharing...I know you all will be singing along!!
Sweet dreams!



  1. We are still waiting for our "Game On"! Still no baby goats. I told the goat man that he needed to have a talk with the nannies and tell them that the weather was supposed to be warmer the next few days before another cold stretch. Now would be a great time for the "kidding" to begin! Tressie can't wait to have her picture taken with a new "kid"! If we ever get her and Izzy together, they will have all kinds of goat stories to share!

  2. Oh my goodness Penny, you have me cracking up...love your Beyonce rewrite! : )

    Love the picture of Izzy!

  3. Well Emily I didn't add in the Oh OH Oh's Izzy could sing those because she can sing Sugarland Oh OH OH with the shoulder motion:)

    Perhaps Izzy and Tressie could do a video and sing;)

    Good luck Brenda on getting the goat man and goats to cooperate at the most opportune time! Let the goating begin!!