Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fabulous Firecracker Flex Friday

So yesterday was one of those days you just take and tuck away in your heart.   It was a Firecracker Flex Friday even though I had to make a trip to the chiropractor before I journeyed on.     While at the "doc's" I was talking to someone whose kids are close in age to mine and they went to school together when they were younger.   So we get on the subject of Grandchildren...I am sure you are all surprised on that one.   But she talks about getting to go hang out with her little one and how much fun it was.   She said too bad you couldn't be a grandma first.   As I have said before, that's what I wanted to be when I grow up.   Not that I didn't love being a mom but like was discussed--it's just different!

So anyway after leaving "Rocky Vegas" yesterday morning, I was on my mission to Limon.   However, upon my arrival Miss Isabel is still sleeping as is her dad who had not been in bed too long because of a DUI.   Please note that it was not his but I need to keep in mind that not always do others know he is an officer of the law so I have to be careful what I say!

But as soon as I get there I receive a call from my daughter who is at work giving me my instructions that it is my job to make sure that both of the two sleeping beauties are up and at 'em because my favorite son-in-law was going to the doctor with a friend and we were to meet for lunch before they left!    Well I did get my crew rounded up and off and we went to Ruby's.

While there, my poor little Firecracker had to learn one of the cold hard facts of life.   Her and I went to pay for our $39.99 lunch.   She proudly walked up with the ticket and two $20's in hand and generously gave them to the woman taking money.   To which she was given a penny back.   Well this is where she may take a little after her uncle because she looked back up at the woman who was stashing away those big green bills and looked down at her penny.   She then held her hand back up as though perhaps this woman was confused!   I told her Izzy that's just how it goes...lessons to be learned.

After payment we got to walk her mama back to work and then walked back to the truck.   I have to remind you that yesterday was the most beautiful day.   It is those days that we all know exactly why we live in Colorado!    So Izzy and I decided we should go do some shopping!   Who knows what all a couple girls might find at the Alco store.

Since I had lost my sunglasses I decided I would look for some more cheap sunglasses.   This turned out being quite fun as we both had to try on the sunglasses.   And I can see we may be good shopping partners because she would shake her head no on the ones that she did not seem to care for on me.  But we found a pair that she seemed to think we should put in the cart.   So upon finding my pair...we went around to the other side and found Firecracker her own pair!  What do you think?

Well we could only shop so long and then it was time to go.  After all, we had found P-pa some camo slip-ons that she was insistent that he have.  (I did try them out this morning and they will come in handy for the little things like running the trash out.   Going and seeing if those two shepherds are ready to come eat lunch yet or not!    Turns out if you miss a weekend, there is double to do this one.   And I think if you have another nice day there might even be more!)

ANYWAY we finish our shopping and check out.   As we go outside it is such a beautiful day that we decide that the park might be a good call.    So we lather up with our sunscreen and take in the south park I guess.  The one with the windmills--in case
you decide to visit sometime.   We tried out the swings--hmmm not sure about how these sit...but those rocks on the playground were quite fascinating!  The sound they made when you walk in them took quite a bit of our time.   We tried out the slide--but didn't go up to the top just yet!   We walked all around and then we tried out the merry go round.    Now this was fun!    Plus it worked well for Gramma because I could walk in circles while playing.   I told the "Great Grand" uncle this morning that she might be his niece...because we made a couple rounds with her holding on tightly just as she was told.   At which point there goes the hands straight up in the air--a look Gramma no hands!!!   

After a while doing this we caught sight of this older kid who had walked by us earlier.   One of those you are not sure why he is all by himself in the middle of the day at the park.   But he spoke to us and asked how it was going and went on his way to swing.   Well Firecracker catches sight of him swinging and is very fascinated at how high he is going.   So nothing doing--we should get closer--at which point she just stops and stares at him.   But the boy smiles at us and I tell him she is very fascinated by his swinging abilities!

Well after all this playing--someone was getting tired!   Really it wasn't just me!!     So we head back to the house and unload all of our loot.   Which happens to also include some cake from our specials at the restaurant.    With the spotting of this container--one of us decides she needs some cake!  NO I DIDN'T HAVE ANY!!    We went and sat in the rocking chair and she ate her cake and then we checked out the new Dr. Seuss alphabet book we found.   Gramma then started singing and certain songs she would shake her head no as that was not a song she wanted to hear.   But we were hooked on 3 blind mice for a while which we did transition into Row Row Row Your Boat.    Then Gramma went in for the kill.   Sometimes when she wants her mom, I will start singing She'll be coming Round the Mountain When She Comes!   Although she had not asked for mom, upon hearing this song she says MAMA!    So I tell her "She'll be driving a silver Mustang when she comes."   And a few more made up choruses and there is a little angel asleep in my arms!   We then rockabye...and she barely wakes up and MAMA was home!   Then special time with my girls...we even played ring-around-the-rosy.   Somehow my falling down wasn't quite as smooth as theirs!

Definitely one of those days you take and tuck away in your heart!   I know that these moments don't come along every day and the time goes by so so fast.   But special days they come along and later I can pull it out and smile as I think about it.   Such a blessing.  I am thankful that Firecracker's parents share this precious gift with me!  

Gotta love Firecracker Flex Fridays!

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