Monday, January 17, 2011

Shepherd Update

They say you can't keep a good man down....and so with that said the "shepherd" is up and at 'em!

Tim made it through his surgery...they removed some skin cancer (and say they got it all) but in doing so had to take some off of his nose and so gave him a "nose job" while they were at it.   So he has several stitches on his face but being a tough guy, he is doing great.   I know it has to hurt but he is one of those that "sucks it up" and keeps on going!   He had one day he gave himself of "taking it easy".   But still thought he should go to the barn so after some major eye rolling, I convinced him that he should wear one of the cute little masks I got him!

The "shepherd" in the barn with his cute mask.  Couldn't resist leaving the power outlet!
Okay so I couldn't resist the one pic I think he looks different without the muffs...
and the after is my wonderful bandage job...a nurse I'm not!

Was a pretty busy weekend for the younger shepherd.   Between baby watch and having several sets of twins, to getting some ready for the stock show, a wedding, and then just sheep stuff.    However, he had his sister here part of it so she went to the wedding also and helped with some chores and tail docking this morning.  (Tail docking is when a band is put on the lambs tail so that it will come off.)  Oh and "Uncle LaLa" also had to cook supper last night because Firecracker needed me to feed her.   I said that everyone didn't know what I was up to when I would say, "Izzy don't you want Gramma to feed you?"   So she wanted me and so Lance worked on supper.   Now he could have had some assistance, but once he takes over ownership of the meal--the rest of us just let him!  

Busy little Saturday...

Enjoyed having my girls here.   My favorite son-in-law had to work so we missed him!   Was a good weekend but already over...Time flies when you're having fun!!

Out my kitchen window...

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  1. I am sure it is a lot of work, but it looks like great family time too. Good luck at the show.