Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ohhhh Sweetie...

As you know I am easily entertained...and sometimes I just catch myself watching.    The other morning Sweetie was pretty much minding her own business when this lamb comes up to her and wants her to play...WELL she is a sheepdog afterall, a "fierce" protector, she does not PLAY with sheep.  But not to be rude she just tries to stay away from the which the lamb wants no part and is very persistent in "playing".   And as I continue to watch this display, all of a sudden I look and there is a lamb chasing this big old dog...such a site to see if you happened to be driving by and not seen the whole thing.

It seems Sweetie has taken over a manure pile to which she seems to be watching over her flockdom (queen of the hill no doubt)...well yeserday morning she starts this urgent bark to which Bo who is outside the pen and free to roam starts running as fast as he can towards the road.   I look out and the only thing I can see is that there are some cows that must be too close to the fence.   So I guess since Sweetie can't go herself...she sends Bo who is more than happy to be the sidekick.

Life is good on the funny I said it doesn't take a lot to entertain me!   Just let a couple dogs go about their day and it's like going to the show (without the popcorn of course).


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  1. What a picture. I would have loved to see the lamb chasing her. Too funny. And now she is queen on the hill and Bo is her knight. Love it.