Sunday, December 19, 2010


"GAME ON!"  So these were the words spouted by the "senior" shepherd the other night.   As the sheep were locked up and it was his way of proclaiming "LET THE LAMBING BEGIN!!"    So with this "game on" announcement also means that the "lamb cam" is ready for all night sheep t.v.

Well the "shepherds" and I went out last night and celebrated the birthday of a special friend (Happy Birthday Kasey Jo).   Home at 2:00 a.m. is a little past our bedtime...but it allowed a good opportunity to check the sheep...So the younger shepherd who had danced all night and "celebrated" a little checked in and NOBODY was doing anything.   With this check it was bedtime.

The senior shepherd turned on the "lamb cam".  (for those who are not familiar with this, we have put a camera in the barn to which we can watch the sheep in the barn ALL NIGHT!   So yes while you might be "counting sheep" we are actually counting sheep.   Or listening to them bang on a panel or just make some sort of noises.   But when it comes time to lamb it is a handy tool so that one doesn't have to go out to the barn quite as often.  Because sheep seem to be very vocal when they are birthing babies.)

I am not a shepherd...that is my story and I am sticking to it!   So you wonder how do I contribute to this whole sheep enterprise!   My gift is that I don't sleep all the time.   So when I woke up at 5:00 a.m. and looked at the t.v.--THERE she was...the first lamb of the season.   And since the junior shepherd was home I headed up stairs and told him you have a baby.   I must say I was impressed for someone who had been celebrating and had not slept too long how fast he hopped out of bed.   So you see that is my part...I wake up the others and say "Hey you got's cold out there!"

Within minutes the junior shepherd was out to the barn putting the first lamb and mama in a "jug" (that's a pen that they are put in you know their own personal hospital room) who was later joined by a brother and sister with some assistance by the shepherd on call...triplets not the senior shepherd's favorite (because usually this requires some "bottle babies")...but hey they were all alive and so with that said, I say, "game on"!    But think of me more like a SPECTATOR!!

(Perhaps there might be a pic later of the new ones...)

So Merry Christmas from Pfeiff's Funny Farm and Happy Birthday to my Aunt Betty!



  1. I am definitly mostly a spectator! We will begin kidding in about 2 weeks. We don't have a camera in the barn, so the head goat man makes a trip down right before he goes to bed. Then depending on what's going on, he might have to make another trip or two in the night. Usually not, it seems like we get alot of kids born early in the morning. So life on the funny goat farm goes into high gear shortly! Will also post pictures when the kids start coming! They are so cute!

  2. Um yeh Penny, we're going to need pictures of those adorable little lambs!

    For Christmas we got Tressie a new pink hat and mittens to go with her Carhartt bibs so she can check goats with Grandpa : )