Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello world...

I was a little delayed on this one because I got sidetracked looking at pictures and then had to scan them...lyp

Welcome to the world little Audrey Ellen Lance!
 She joined us December 2, 2010.  And I think the world better be ready...she just has so much personality for a newborn.   I love her already!!  

I was away from my kitchen table for a few days...which brings up little Audrey Ellen.   Turns out little Audrey has two adoreable sisters Emma and Anna who had to stay home instead of going with their daddy Jim and their momma Megan.  Mom and Dad had to hang out at the hospital a few days in order to bring little Audrey home.   Well Jim's mama--MY AUNT MARY--was going to stay with the girls but you know me and little ones...I wanted to come too!   You know hone in and improve my Grandmotherly (is that a word?) skills--learn from a good one...However, I think if Emma had a driver's license...she probably really wouldn't have needed us (I think she will be included in an upcoming blog!)

Also, looking at this picture below, by the expression on the face...I think I owed my ring bearer a little.   Besides he shares the same name as my he might be just a little special in my book.   But it is an experience when your ring bearer's children are the age their daddy was when you got married...I can't believe how old my ring bearer and flower girls are getting (just kidding Jim, Casey, and Keri).   They are all just as adoreable today as they were here!

I was thinking how I got to observe the seasons of life on this stay.   The girls...Emma (will be 6 on December 9), Anna (4) and then little Audrey all in the "spring" of their life--new born, so young and innocent.   Then there is Jim and Megan in their summer--taking the heat and the hard work of growing those crops.   Me in the autumn of my life (kind of a cool place to be).   And a very special woman in my life my Aunt Mary who is living in her "winter" season.    I realize what a gift this is to see all these times in our life all in one place CELEBRATING one new event.  The birth of a child!   Life at its beginning...

And I think of family bond with Jim and his family through our fathers--brothers--Jim and Jerry--the Lance brothers (so I have this GREAT picture that I can't locate at this time but when I do it will probably just get its own blog).

I feel a connection even though we haven't spent a lot of time around each other as we all seem to get busy with our own lives and before you know it time has passed by.   So it is special moments like the one I had that I get to breathe it in and put it away in my heart.   Whether it is holding little Audrey Ellen one day old and breathing in that newborn "life".   Or playing Cootie with her sisters (okay Aunt Mary may have won but I still hold that mine was the cutest bug).   Watching my Aunt and Emma and Anna playing doctor.  Playing restraunt with the girls.   Or seeing the whole family on the couch as they are all looking at the new baby and knowing their lives will never be the same.  These are moments to take in to stop and say Thank you Lord for these blessing I have received!

And going through some old pictures I feel nostalgic and while I think of Jim and this new generation...I think of our childhood and some special memories I cherish from those of little "Jimmy" with his family and now here he is the Dad!    

The Jerry Lance Family...

So I say thank you to Jim and Megan and Emma and Anna and Audrey and Aunt Mary for allowing me to share in this awesome experience...and sorry Megan there may be another blog on ORGANIZATION:)   (note to reader...Megan is VERY organized!  I think she is my alter ego in the organizational realm!)

I titled this Hello World because I think of Audrey joining us and also because I love the song...and it also makes me think of  Jim and know he heard it coming home to check on his girls.   So I dedicate it to the Lance's and just remember what is important...Love to you all from CRAZY COUSIN Penny!    Hear Hello World

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