Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Update

It was a MIRACLE...or so that's what the shepherd tells me this morning (sometimes he is so funny).  Anyway,  I had told you that Crazy the ewe (she worked hard to deserve that name) had a baby last night.   Well the shepherd had checked her and thought she was done...yet this morning there was another baby saying "hello world"!   TWINS!   Lamb number 2 was trying to stay hid but so it goes...not today baby.

The lamb cam is making some noise so we will have to figure out the static...I kept watching one ewe last night because she wouldn't move...needless to say not a whole lot of anyway this morning was a little sleepy at my kitchen table!

Had to have the doc come to the funny farm.  He came to look at one of the rams.  Then since he was here he checked out Sweetie.  Not sure if I mentioned Sweetie Houdini was down and out.   Turns out she was trying to escape out of a place she had no business trying to get out of and hurt her leg in the process...I can tell she is doing better because she has headed back up to her hill and has been back to her vocal self.   But she has become a part of the funny farm...because now she will take off barking and the sheep don't even pay attention.  Bo raised his head from his nap but didn't tear off running.   However, I did see a coyote down the maybe she was telling it to get on out of here!

BUT tomorrow I go to Firecracker's house.   We have to spend the whole day together and then part of the night while her parents are at a work party.  I know it is tough duty, but someone has to do it (wink wink...have I ever told you how cute Izzy is when she winks...)  And here I go off on a bike ride...they are talking cold weather...and if it is going to be cold--well Limon is a pretty sure bet!  I love when my Firecracker Flex Friday comes a day early and I still have days off!


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  1. How about some pictures of the cute lambs? Wold love to see them.