Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you see what I see...

I bet you think that she is trying to remember the words to one of her favorite Christmas carols...but no it is SWEETIE!   Sweetie Houdini I have been calling her.   Has been funny because Tim will think he has her in where she should be and then she gets out.   I can't beleive the holes that she gets through.

BUT this morning she has been going crazy off to the west just barking.  To which Bo tears off out there and seems to be saying, "WHAT! WHAT! I don't see anything."   But he runs on his side of the fence all the same as if he wants her to show him.   Well I like Bo, try to see as well--but I don't see anything either.  However, there is something that has her not happy!  Which it could be the neighbors a half mile down the way doing something.   Or if there are some cars...SHOULD THEY REALLY BE DRIVING ON OUR ROAD!!    But then she barked again...this time it was a delivery man pulling in our yard!    (Yes Lance got part of his shopping done online last weekend and so he has been getting deliveries!)

I am on day 3 of being home alone...which now has me sharing about me and the dogs watching for something that may or may not even be there!  But I have plenty to do and am getting prodded to finish a story that I have with that said--I say TTFN (that's ta ta for now for those of you not Winnie the Pooh fans)!


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