Sunday, October 14, 2012

It will go...

And here it is another weekend has passed...they seem to go quickly and I even had a three day weekend...Though I must confess I am okay with this week being over.   Friday was not my flex Friday but it was a Firecracker Friday--my favorite!

Tim and Heather took in going to Court while I had the "dirty job" and stayed and waited for a sleeping Izzy Bell!    Somebody has to do it...and so thankful it is me sometimes.   It seemed to be another Jay day.   According to one Shepherd when talking of when we should leave home he determines we need to go early...we need to "leave before breakfast"...and so that is what we did.  As we drove north on 71 the sunrise was amazing...I took pics along the way...well as good a pic as you can get going...I'll say well at least 65...

The horizon seemed to be shining "red and blues" as Izzy and her mama call the lights on the police cars...almost a reminder of one special officer that we all had on our minds.   And as if the beauty of the sky was not enough...there amongst the beautiful sky was the moon and one lone bright shining star...perhaps a planet...but to me it seemed to symbolize more.  I look at the moon and it seems to be a reminder of the words in Jerehiah 29:13..."And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart". 

So I include a couple of the shots.  The first one doesn't show the shape.  It seems to be as though a scribble across the sky but it reminds me...BE STILL!  That in my motion...I lose focus.

The next one actually WHILE driving...seems to capture the moon and you can see the star but it does not show how very bright it seemed to shine.   It's brightness seems to make me think of my favorite son-in-law...and I am reminded of one little "Peanut" telling me one night when not being able to see the moon replies when I tell her that we can see it at my house and she tells me, "the moon and stars will meet us there."    It just seems to be poetry to me...words to keep in my heart...

In continuing on, it is as though we have a special show on the eastern horizon that is created just for us.   The reds and blues begin to layer upon each other and then the light bearing up seems to take on almost angel wings.    In viewing all of this I tend to go into deep thought--sometimes a million mile journey in a small amount of time.   But I ask the shepherd I wonder how it will go...and in the wisdom of this guy in his own "Grandma Ivy" style of answering...he replies, "It will go."    Just a simple we will take it how it comes instead of my talking it in circles to come to the same conclusion...and he was right...IT WENT...and the very hope of not having to go through a trial was answered...

Upon arrival at Izzy's house, I sat reading and journaling and waiting for one little girl to come downstairs...and down she came just bopping and talking as though she had been awake for hours...she is not always such a morning person...but seems to say this day...look out world here I come.  We talked of what she wanted for breakfast  and she says pancakes...she hops up on the couch and I in the chair when she says something about not knowing it was a breakfast day and then seems to laugh at her own comments as though it is such a funny thing she has told me.  She then proceeds to tell me to text Grandad and tell him what she said--he will like it she tells me.   And sometimes she seems as though she is much older than her 3 young years.

 After some discussion we decide we will make waffles...I tell her that it is her daddy's waffle maker and as she sits there watching me she says I think I have had these before...a wong time ago...and I tell her that her daddy used to make her waffles sometimes...and I hope that she will keep thoughts of special memories with her it those that are shared or ones she remembers  from a "wong" time ago...

She has about finished her breakfast when her mama and Oppy return...and after some time of talking we begin to talk of lunch to which one little Firecracker says mac and cheese...well those who know her know that very often her choice for at home meals is mac and cheese.   However, she is sharing a meal with Oppy who likes to eat out and so after naming different places we decide on Jenny's...with discussion of mac and cheese for supper.   The waitress comes to our table and Izzy informs her that she needs cheese with her chips...and the waitress hurries off to get it going before taking our drink orders.  In looking at the menu of Mexican food fare...I decide maybe to have a cheeseburger...I know I know...but it sounded good.   So the waitress comes and asks what we will have...well sometimes Miss Isabel will not speak up or decide what she wants but this day she says in her most grown up voice very matter of factly...I will have a cheeseburger with cheese and a bun.

And it somehow seemed important to her to let this waitress know.   Sometimes I think we just assume others will know the obvious...but she was not taking any if this girl would not know for sure that a cheeseburger should in fact have CHEESE AND A BUN!   After confirming her meal order she was then asked what she would like to drink and in such a grown up voice says, "Do you have water?"   And I marvel at her maturity and think how amazing it is watching her grow up so fast right before our eyes...and right there I think of how she is here and in no time she will be her mama's age...the time goes so quickly.

She is such a combo of her dad and her mom...but this day she had lots of her daddy going on as she kept us laughing most of the day.   Her mom said that the other night she explained that maybe Jake and Amy were coming...that she texted Jake on her pretend phone and informed her mom that her and Jake wanted pizza.  I love it as her mom is not a fan of pizza but her daddy always liked his pizza...makes me laugh as Miss Izzy figures that if her and Jake want could one say no!   And how she thinks it is a good idea to just have a pizza party...this is her daddy indeed.   It makes one smile that though she may not always remember...he is just a part of her that she just lives it...

Later, her mom was on the couch when Izzy proceeds to just give her kisses and hugs and her mom says oh I love when this little girl is here...and as Izzy walks off she says and not the angry child.   We laugh at her just spitting this out as we do not know where it came from.  And I think how here a three year old realizes that many of us do in fact have an angry child lirking inside us...but never acknowledge the fact that we do.  

So the time together with our girls seems to fly by and the day has passed and we start discussing supper to which one little Firecracker tells her mom, mac and cheese...don't you remember!   Perhaps you had to be there...but sometimes.   Oh the adventures they may have!  And though we had made the most of the day...after supper, it was time to leave and so I snapped pictures of one little Firecracker as she plays hide and seek with the blanket...and her giggle echoes as I snap a picture of her in her "daddy" shirt...the one we had said that daddy's picture was on her heart...and she tells me that is not where her heart is...her heart is on the side...but she seems to have such a joy about her...and she sends us off with kisses and hugs and then says I didn't give pounds and so we come back and give pounds...and she hollars off her porch as we drive off yelling bye!  

And as I am writing this I get a text saying that Izzy thinks the king on Cinderella snores like I guess King Oppy it is!   And I smile thinking how blessed we are to have such joy in our lives.

And so here I am back to today...the shepherd and I just hung out at home today with no specific agenda... it was such a beautiful day...those days you are thankful to live in Colorado and can't imagine any other place you would rather be.   The gentle breeze blowing through the windows as I finished up my reading on Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyers seem to blow a positive air throughout the house.   I worked on the questions asked, and I thought of things that will help me focus on Power Thoughts.   And I think about even though I sometimes do in fact listen...I do not always follow through or I do get bogged down with thoughts that might not be as positive as others.   So with that I think of wanting to work on ridding some of the "clutter" in my it that around me or that in my head.   I have this desire to wash my windows around my kitchen table as if perhaps an exercise in washing my thoughts...that though the flies may come back they are clean right now.   And I am trying to convince myself that the wind has stopped blowing dirt for the year.

But on such a pretty should just take in and breathe in the beauty of the day.   The shepherd helped me rinse off screens...rinsing me a little in the process...all on accident I am sure.   After he finished chores, we then journeyed on a walk and took in how much the colors are has to love the beauty of seeing a cottonwood changing its colors...I put a pic from last I didn't take my camera...and I think yes here we are in our fall...time flying so fast and I think of wondering how it will go...I think again of the Shepherd telling me...IT WILL GO...but I stop and think IT'S ALL GOOD!   Perhaps I didn't get a bike ride guess I gave you one tonight.


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