Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy Birthday...

Let's get this party started...

Happy Birthday to one little Firecracker as I have called her since before we even knew if she was an Isabel or a Tim!! (haha)    Happy Birthday to Peanut as her daddy always called her and still many call her that as well.   Happy Birthday to Izzy Bella as she has been calling herself as of late.   No matter what we choose to call her...we are all blessed that she is a part of our lives!  We headed up to Limon and dined at the Pizza Hut...will update more of who was there...just wanted to put on a Happy Birthday! 

Just putting a short one up as I have many pictures I may do something with...but thought of tonight and how often I feel Izzy's daddy with us...Oppy was lighting the candles on her cake as her and Maria Louisa looked on...and it just made me think of how Jay Bird is with us always...looking at the t-shirt "Limon 4 ever in our hearts."   As we sat around and Heather and Gordon telling Jesus about Jay getting locked out of the Mustang...and how we all rolled with laughter though we have heard that story before and they were laughing that Jay would tell the story on himself.   And I thought to myself for moments like this...Jay loved to make us laugh and he continues on...

So little Miss you ran around the Pizza Hut laughing so hard...I was thankful for your Happy Birthday!   You are such a precious gift from God to all of us!!

Love you,
Ahma Bell

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