Friday, June 1, 2012

And another tear comes

Today they will lay to rest Jeremy Bitner...another police officer killed in the "line of duty".   That line!   Many of you have seen the blue line and if like me you did not know what it was until someone close to you is part of that blue line...

I had found this writing...
"What does the Thin Blue Line represent?
The Blue represents the officer and the courage they find deep inside when
faced with insurmountable odds.
The Black background was designed as a constant reminder of our fallen
brother and sister officers.
The Line, the line is what cops protect, the barrier between anarchy and a
civilized society, between order and chaos, between respect for decency and
Together they symbolize the camaraderie we all share, a brotherhood like none other."

I did not know Jeremy Bitner...but I almost feel as though I do...but I seen something this morning from someone who the Jeremy's and the Jay's...though just "ordinary" guys...they are not...they are those that leave behind a legacy...not just in their children but in how they were to others.   I feel a connection to this family even though I do not know them and I pray for their peace.  As they lay this officer to rest...I am taken back over a year ago...and just the honor of such a day.   I think that Chief Yowell and perhaps my daughter may be is as though it is something that touches them deeper...that in honoring another...we continue to honor our own.   We know what they are going through and hope that in just being there we show that their life is honored and worth it!   I pray for his children and his wife...for his family and friends.  

I go back and include what I had came across that others might know Jeremy Bitner a little better...and also realize that we do not know how much time we have...and there are those that are willing to go out there and try to protect us even when we do not want to be protected.  I also hope that many will take note that they say it was a drunk driver...keep this in your mind and your is not worth it...and so I share the words...

Our Jeremy Bitner . . . husband, father, friend, patriot and police officer. He was taken from us far too soon. It's so hard to say goodbye to this wonderful man who was so loving, caring, funny, courageous, loyal, tender, strong, fair, dedicated, protective, and most of all - giving. Those are the words that will always come to mind when I remember my very special Cherry Park neighbor.
In our neighborhood, the guys, kids, wives, dogs (yes, dogs too) always gravitated toward Jeremy's spirit of unconditional love, support and joy. He was the best!!! Talk to anyone in Cherry Park who had a chance to know him and they will have a special story to tell. Jeremy and the guys' "brewsky nights" stories will forever be a part of our fond memories.
The last day of his life, as usual, Jeremy came over to help me do some heavy lifting. He moved a cement bird bath for me with such ease. He was strong in so many ways that always amazed me. His last words to me were, "Now if you need any more help, just call me." I always knew I could because he never minded helping.
When we had a power outage a few years ago, we were in the dark for hours. Jeremy called me to make sure I was ok, and he invited me to go with his family to a restaurant where we could eat and have light. Jeremy also came to my home in the middle of the night to help me take my dog, Coco, to the vet to be put down. He always "had my back," as he would say.
Since I never had children, I always thought that if I could choose a son, Jeremy would have been the one. I loved him and would have been so honored to have had Jeremy as my son. He always treated me like I was family.
I'm glad I'm writing this by computer because my tears for our loss would have stained and smeared the words I am writing now. Even at the end of Jeremy's short life, he gave the gift of life by donating his organs to others in need. That's the kind of person he was. I take great comfort in knowing that our Jeremy's loving heart will continue beating to give hope and love to another family.
Jeremy's death is going to be hard for his beloved Tina, Annabelle and Asher -- but knowing how wonderful our Cherry Park community is, we will take a cue from him and always "have their backs."
Jeremy loved living with his family in our community, and when he saw the need, loved doing what he could for us. He loved us and we love you more Jeremy!! Goodbye, our dear Jeremy.
by .....Terie Miyamoto
 This was also included in the e-mail...

Jeremy Bitner
With heavy hearts, we want to let you know that a cherished friend and resident of Cherry Park has passed away. Jeremy Bitner was killed in the line of duty as an Englewood Police Officer on Memorial Day.
Jeremy and Tina Bitner, along with their two young children, Anabelle (4th grade) and Ascher (1st grade), have lived in Cherry Park for over 10 years. Please keep the Bitner family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
If you want to help the family, we will be organizing meals and other ways to help Tina and the kids in the coming weeks. We will keep you posted. Also, you can donate to the Jeremy Bitner Memorial Fund at Bellco Credit Union in Colorado. You can either stop by a branch office to donate with cash or a check, or call 303-689-7800 (option 6, option 3) to transfer funds over the phone. All transfer fees will be waived.
The funeral service is open to the public and will be held this Friday at 1pm at First Church of the Nazarene (3800 E. Hampden Avenue, Denver 80113).
And so I say Rest in Peace Jeremy Bitner...and may those left behind...LIVE in PEACE...

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