Tuesday, November 15, 2011

So late she thinks she's first...

So Firecracker is a grama...that is Firecracker's heifer is a grama eating mama...But the Shepherd sent me this picture from his phone with the caption..."Izzy's heifer had a bull she's so late she thinks she's first!"   So funny and told him that I can relate!!!   Okay for some reason this picture seems to have changed proportion...but you get the jist...

This morning at my kitchen counter...because NO I was not eating breakfast at the kitchen table...who would do that!    But as I was eating my corn flakes...I don't usually eat corn flakes...but that was what was left in the old pantry....as I ate the cereal I was thinking of corn flakes and the farmers who had harvested corn and I thought of my Grandpa Mick.   I could hear him say I eat Wheaties...I'm a wheat farmer!   Was so funny that I could remember that...and so I told the shepherd who was in the other room.   He tells me he never really liked cereal.   I told him he used to eat it every morning when we first were married.   He worked at a dairy and before we got married his mom would make him eggs, toast, and then he would eat cereal to fill him up...so me being a new bride...I did the same!  He said he didn't remember that...and then he made some comment about not having a steel trapped mind or some such remark...To which I replied, "oh I can't remember what I had yesterday for breakfast but I remember important things like what he had 30 years ago"...

Tonight I hurried home to see how to do chores and got to view the shepherd and his cuz getting ready for their project...Does this look like a garage...just wait and see...I can't wait to hear the adventures of Tim and Ed....I smile just thinking about it...I hope Justin gets some pics!!

And to finish this day off...turns out that I got an appointment for one little Firecracker's mama at the chiropractor with "complimentary babysitting" included for tomorrow.   However, Great Grandpa Pfeiff said if I didn't want to watch her...drop her off at his house...I think those two could be trouble!

Well sweet dreams!!    And maybe if you think you're late...maybe you really just are first!!


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