Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Black Friday Birthday Bash...50 the Party Continues

That was the title of the invite that my son sent out BLACK FRIDAY BIRTHDAY BASH!   Yes I turned the big 50 and my kids threw me a party on black Friday...we had tacos...to which my son had said and you will like them...turns out I love tacos...turns out he has the smart a**leck gene...where I do not know where he got it...but must say after Thanksgiving...was good to have some Mexican food.

We had about 30 people show up and must say I am blessed!   I decided that most of this would consist of putting in some pictures I took...I must confess I am not sure what to do with myself where the party is for me...I kept thinking I should be doing stuff...Of course, I did whine to the Nertz people that we should have cake...and could I open my gifts...I really wasn't being selfish but there were some that were wanting to leave.

The day started out having fun playing with my Firecracker who had spent the night with her mama and her Uncle LaLa...while the others were cooking...Izzy and I played and just strolled around piddling...the food was made earlier because there was going to be some shooting going on...my kids were joined by cousins, P-pa, and I think they had some fun...shooting birds...mostly the clay ones.  I on the other hand enjoyed playing with Peyton, Mason, and Izzy.  

I was showered with all sorts of gifts...some pretty funny gag gifts including my new bra...you have to see it to appreciate it...Thanks Heather...One of my favorite gifts that made me laugh was Menaw giving me my own "Sugar Mama" purse...Doris is one of my special people...I suppose you could call her an old friend because she was mom's friend, my grandma's friend, but maybe she is a young friend because she is also my daughter's and now my granddaughter seems to love her to...even before she really met her just because Menaw was the one who gave me the Izzybell doll she loves to look at...Anyway Doris had went what seems many years ago with her daughter Becky and Tim and Lance to Sedalia to the sheep show...we joked about her being Sugar Mama (as well as those other sugar mama's they seen) and so that has always been one of our jokes and so she gave me my own purse that I was old enough to be a sugar mama...the story is much better if Doris is telling it...the purse was filled with a pill box...a few bucks to get started on...and some of my own bling!   Then she also gave me a rock and roll hat...from younger days.   Maryann also gave me a "red hat" with a matching purple scarf...I got the now ever present ceremonial coming of age prune juice that keeps showing up...thanks Brendon and Selice.   I also got some special gifts...Jeff and Tonya gave me a clock Jeff made...Keri and Alex and boys a cool sheep sign and a Believe pin...journals...a "love" sign from Mary with a Casting Crown's cd...journals...and a guitar book from my kids...See that is one of the things I want to start doing when I hit 50--play guitar, play piano, play golf...and then of course get a passport and my name in the phone book!

Sounds like I might be playing alot...which Heather had asked Izzy what they should get Ahma to which she told her..."Toys...Ahma size" and so that's what they did...a new printer that I have had fun playing with and then the shepherd got me a taller Christmas tree...and when I say taller...I mean taller.   See I was thinking maybe a 9 foot tree but then there is the shepherd..."Go big or go home"...but I must say I love the tree and Sandy stayed in the Christmas theme and gave me a Christmas barn...

While I loved the gifts and all the good food and cake...my favorite gifts was just spending time with those I love...if I have learned nothing in these 50 years it is that we do not know how much time we are given...and to enjoy these days we have so I include some of my favorite gifts...

Well it was a pretty wild party...there was the BAR and then of course the NERTZ table...

And with all this celebration there are the casualties...those that partied like "rock stars"...Especially poor Otis...

I know there are things I forgot to say...later I will remember...but see I am 50...WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!  

So I stop for now and say Thank you to all those I love...I need to go play with my Ahma size toys...Because I loved the signs and napkins that said 50 The Party Continues!    SO...HELLO 50's!!!



  1. Looks like a great party for a great lady!

  2. So just like that, I can add "bartender" to my resume!!! Vonnie

  3. I know Vonnie! I loved it...of course I forgot to add Randy's cane in here :)

  4. Can't believe I forgot to send birthday wishes on the big 50!!!! I guess I can use the excuse that I have been 50 for too long! Glad it was a good one!