Tuesday, March 3, 2015

It's your year...Carol Englehaupt...HAVE A HAPPY ONE!

My Grandma Bessie's sister, Opal had several daughters...and one baby boy.   They each hold a special place and connection...but today I think of one that has provided much inspiration to not only myself...but many others...Carol (Roth) Englehaupt.

Carol has many talents...an artist...a writer...a potter...an archer...but probably one of her most amazing gifts is her gift as a mother!   You say oh lots of people are mothers and granted they are...

I steal one of her photos because I LOVE THIS ONE...and the unspoken connection these two share...

However, Carol has walked a different path.  Two sons...one that I know better...is Josh...but I think he prefers to be called Joshua.   See it was not known until recently exactly what Joshua preferred to be called because he was not able to speak...well in the way we know of.   Although, I seen first hand how he and his mom...CAROL...communicated without saying anything at all.    And then Joshua has been working on getting his voice...with such support from Carol.   You might want to know how he got his voice...his story...well I could tell it but I would rather you check it out here...a news release that though it talks about Joshua it is a gift for Carol...To have wanted a voice for your child for so long and then get it.  

So Carol I wish you happy birthday...but I pray for another to keep growing...to sharing your gifts with more and more people.   I am thankful that you are my family...but I am thankful that many more are getting to hear you and Josh's voice with a little help from his Tobii Dynavox!   (Though it might be fun to go with the Sam Elliott voice though I know that has been requested by your aunt Kathy Elliott...hmmmm are they related!!!)

Please check out a video of Carol and Joshua beginning their new journey...to see a voice become louder and stronger...This is just the first step in watching...I am just so excited about what Joshua and Carol will do...

As I mentioned, Carol is a writer and writes under the name C.L. Roth...she has published and continues on.   She has started a newsletter and would love to have you check into her home page and check it out...
I also encourage you to check out and see the talents of these two artists who hold a special part in my heart!  
When going to Our Home Studio, there is a quote that is stated on there...a quote that many of us should think about...
I believe dreams are achieved, not by limiting challenges, but by challenging limitations.
So I say Happy Happy Birthday Carol...may this year be one of challenging your limitations as you always do.  
I encourage all to hold these two up in prayer as they continue on this amazing journey.   God bless you and keep you and guide you!

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