Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Birthday "Mom"

Thinking of a special woman...having a birthday...the shepherd's mama!    We won't go into numbers...though I am sure she is fine telling you...because I think she looks great!   I put up pictures earlier on facebook of her and getting some hugs from different family members...and just a few though I probably have some more! 

However, I think of today...and getting to go to lunch with her and a couple of her sons...Number 2 in the order I am sure would prefer to remain anonymous when you look at the pic...not sure what happened to his thumb!

I laugh at my husband at times and tell him how he reminds me of his I make them pose for a picture of him giving her pansies...this was their first pose...neither too excited...similar expressions!

So I tell them to look at each other...look at those expressions...SAME!

And then they start laughing almost the same...I love to see them laugh!!!

And then the shepherd...just admires one of his favoritest women!!

However, I stopped by tonight...and this guy...was telling me he brought his bride a rose...oh yes it was off one of their own bushes...but a rose all the same...Happy Birthday!

So I just stop and say thank  you "Mom Pfeiff" for the special joy you share and thank you for being the special person that you are.   I find a pic of "Joyce" for Izzy's preschool graduation...yes a GREAT Grandma and a GREAT mom you are!  God bless you and keep you!


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