Monday, February 17, 2014

LISTS to check

And though we got to see the girls on Valentine's little Firecracker and her mom had a "list" for Oppy.    A blind to hang and then some other Firecracker lists as well.    When I had asked if they were busy...that Oppy was thinking of coming up and working on his list.   To which she wanted to know if Oppy was going to clean her room for  her.

We headed north and on the way the shepherd had on Dolores on the local station who comes in the radio station and plays old time gospel music.  This day she chose Tennessee Ernie Ford and Elvis...Tim says she usually just picks two and alternates.    We heard many old time gospels and many triggered memories...I thought of Joe Roberson who could fill up the little Hanover church and Tim said he remembered Doc Clark...funny how many remember certain individuals that just had that voice.  We talk of songs played at his Grandma and Grandpa Pfeiff's funerals...the triggers that music sets off...and the feeling of some of those old hymns that just touch you deep.   And the station seemed to carry much further than usual as we traveled  up Highway 71...and I catch a few pics on the way.   I love to see how pics come out while in motion...
Almost seems like one might just fall off of this!

But never fear...Punkin Center is what is on the other side...

Love this tree on Middle Rush Creek...I have many shots of it...the shepherd even slows down for me!

And the shepherd enjoyed this view...
As we finally lose the radio station and so I flick the station as we are getting nearer to Limon...and Luke Bryan begins singing..."Funny how the good ones go... Too soon, but the good Lord knows... The reasons why, I guess".    My mind goes back not so long ago...of days of going up and hanging out and though times with the girls...knew that if he wasn't home...the cop on duty would be stopping by.   But the song ends and as we make it to our destination we are greeted by one little Firecracker...ready to head for church with Grammy and Grandad!

And I catch a pic of her and Grandad crossing Lake Isabel as they call it! 

 This seems to collect a lot of  this wonderful liquid that seems to come from the melting of the snow and ice and so we spent more time later...getting Lake Isabel drained...even if Izzy's mom said her and I were a "cluster" in working on our project!

However, we catch a lunch break with Grammy and Grandad...Oppy and I...and Firecracker and her mama.   We take in Southside and have a fun time hanging out...Izzy getting to sip on her Sprite with plenty of cherries in it...a big plate of cheese sticks so she can share with everyone...and as we are about to leave the Bandy's come in and stop by and see who Izzy will talk to first...sorry Ted.   However, she did finally turn Ted into a frog before she left...she might be a tease!  While there I catch a few pics of Izzy and her mom...and I think how this girl wollers her mom!   Hmmm is woller a word?

And another of telling secrets...oh the secrets they probably tell!!!

And upon returning home...after a little shopping at the local Alco...Firecracker is prepared to help Oppy get some work done!    And so she puts on her work shoes!!!

After all, she is helping Oppy get his list checked off and she makes the sacrifice of  letting her work in her bedroom hold off.   But you know...Oppy has power tools...but then she helps out with her own little light shining!


And this is not the only tool that she knows how to use...she kept working on getting the wheels on the new shop vac.    Oppy asked if she needed help to which she told him no.  He finally asked did you get it to which she had...and he said I had no are like someone who would not let it get the best of her!

And after these jobs were all to help Ahma clear Lake Isabel...and then help her mom move some snow...and so the shoes changed yet again...she loves these purple boots!!!

And so I probably get carried away taking pics BUT I was just trying to pick out some of my favorites and capture our day...and just so happens it was one of those days that just was FULL!   I capture a pic of Oppy and Izzy hanging a cork board for her...she ran and got the right stool so she could help.   This is fun watching because Oppy is one of those that would rather just do himself...but I love how one little Firecracker doesn't really accept that...and so even if it takes twice as long...they do it together...

And so I didn't get pictures of playing games or eating pizza...but Oppy did get most of his list checked off and though not SUPER DUPER...still got one little Firecracker's room picked up...and so on that note...I stop and give thanks for a great day and am so thankful for time spent with my girls...

The End!

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