Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Princess B-Bop

I think tonight of my special niece B-Bop...oh Bethany another birthday...and I smile thinking of last year and being a new bride with your hubby so far away...and now he is home to you.   I do a picture show in my mind of memories of youngest memory could be you sitting on my dad as he lay in the hospital...and I smile that he got to hold you.    I picture a little one who could wear a headband like no other...I mean how many can wear it for their bathing suit!    I think of you growing and those squishy little chubby cheeks and that precious little smile...

I love that you have always laughed at my jokes...even if it sometimes was a courtesy laugh.   I sit here thinking how I miss you and would love one of those B-Bop hugs!     I think of my brother and his bride and how he adores this little princess...who has grown up so beautifully!   

I stop and watch the slides from your wedding...and what a cute couple...I look for some of my later pics...and come across this one...a couple princesses...I love how you relate to little ones and how they love you...some little guys...way too much!!!

Some big guys too...

So blessed to have you in my life and in the things I give thanks for are right up there!    Happy Birthday my niece and know how very much I love you and miss you!

God bless you and keep you today and always...I think it is about time we get together!


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