Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday GGP

And so I thought I would get this up this morning...Today my father-in-law, Frank Pfeiff, turned 86 years young!   He does better than some guys many years younger...not sure his secret perhaps it is the P & V he is full of.    I like to give him a hard time...it is part of what we do...he had one of his daughter-in-laws give him some compost to which he was excited to get on his garden...I told him I give him "crap" all the time and he never seems happy to get it!!!

I am thankful for "dad Pfeiff"...or often referred to as Great Grandpa (GGP) as one little Firecracker calls him.  She also seems to like to give him a hard time.    As of late with the shepherd not quite up to full speed, his dad at first went and checked on the cows...and now they go together.   What a blessing getting to spend time with your dad.

So I say Happy Birthday GGP and know that we love you and appreciate you very much!   And here is to catching many fish!!!

Also throwing in a few hugs...lyp

Brendon and Grandpa...ahhh I love these two guys!

Grandpa and the Pennsylvania and Texas kids...
Probably those cute blonde hugs...Sarah

And Katie (sorry if spelled wrong)
A Keri Hug...
Gotta love a Mushy hug..

This one was just the thorn between two ro....no the rose between two tho...oh never mind! 
Grandpa with Heather and Casey...
Well Grandpa I think you are blessed...I hope you know how many love you...oh I got more pictures!!!    Love ya and Happy Birthday!

See ya Love ya BYE!

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