Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ahhh another Versary

And I think 4 years ago about now we were probably.....hmmmm could have been dancing...could have been laughing...not really sure but I just remember a fun of those happy days!!   So much has happened in those four short years!  

Four years favorite daughter was marrying some Limon cop.   Oh he was a cocky sort at times...but just one of those you couldn't help but like him...and you know when your only daughter is getting married you are sure no one is ever good enough.   But I had already came to a place that if Heather loved him...then I would too!    And then I got to know him...and I began to like him too.   We wondered if there is a special class in becoming an officer that when that uniform goes on they take on a different persona?   Turns out they just might....probably something that helps get through some of the things they must get through...

I was talking with my friend today about how Jay just wanted their wedding to be a party.   A celebration!   And really that is what marriage should be...a celebration of two people loving each other.   And a celebration it I wish that there were many more anniversaries that Heather and Jay would just spend trying to figure out if they were actually going out to eat or something...going with a friend or friends...or not doing anything...but that is not how that love story was written.  

And while many amazing and special moments that they shared...if what that love shared with the rest of us is any symbol...then they must have been an amazing match...shown in the birth of one little Isabel Marie.   A special sign of two people saying I do...

I had some great pictures well you know me I love all pictures...but I had some of Izzy that show parts of her times you will think she is her mom...then she turns around and she is definitely her daddy's child...then she has some of Uncle La La and Aunt Aum...Grandad....Grammy...Oppy...and I am sure any faded "genes" she has comes from AHMA!!

Anyway I was playing and so I put the two slides together...I say happy versary...though I don't know if that really is what you say...but I do hope for a happy we get a constant reminder of "All because two people fell in love".   Man I should have thought of that when making her card as that was the sign that hung on their trellis and then made it in the I know this is a goofy picture of Izzy Bell...but that is what I love is the multiple sides of she can have fun or be serious!  And some of the expressions and things she says...are definitely a mix of her mom and dad!   So I say love you and thank you and Happy Versary...and perhaps I'll throw this up and go to bed...sweet dreams...   lya

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