Sunday, July 1, 2012

Grace my friend...

And I hurry to beat the deadline of wishing my friend Mary a Happy Birthday...oh sure I could have gave her a card...but I chose a blog this year!   She has been such an amazing friend!   The other day we went to the Christian bookstore in LaJunta over lunch...the woman asked where we were coming to and we said there...we were on our lunch break...looking for grace (okay some sort of gift I was certain would jump out for me and actually was looking for hope...alright back to my story!)   When we left I told Mary hard to explain what we are...friends, coworkers, mothers of friends, quite a collection if a guy sat and thought about it.

But friend is on the top of my descipt...I have been blessed to be able to work with such a good friend.   We have grown closer and closer and I am so thankful and blesssed to call her friend.   This journey we have been on has been one that has been a precious gift...and so since Mary began with her focus on Grace...I went with the theme for her birthday...I had left her a gift on her chair for Friday though I was out Flex Fridaying...I have another going on that one.  She sent me a reply that said, "Thank you 4 grace.   A gift I did nothing 2 earn."   Isn't that the thing of G-R-A-C-E.

I put in a picture of green...and I say thank you and Happy Birthday my friend!!  

If you look closely you can see hidden in the tree...and I think of Grace...a word I want to know more about...but I thank you my friend...Happy Birthday!

This song just seems to be...while I love Todd Agnew's version of Grace like Rain...This one by Aaron Keyes is kind of a cool version...and I love the pictures of rain...and seems a version Mary would like...


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