Thursday, February 2, 2012

Operation J-Bird

So I had heard from my daughter that today February 2, 2012, the CBI was conducting Operation "J-Bird".   In honor of Jay Sheridan who was killed in the line of duty March 9, 2011, there were going to be teams of agents canvassing the Denver metro area in search of wanted sex offenders who have failed to register.  

This has to be one of the most touching tributes to honor Jay the police officer.   I had seen where it was said by one, "the best way we can honor Jay is by continuing to do the work that he loved and gave his life for."   Jay would have been proud of such a tribute I am sure.

I think we often take for granted those that put their lives on the line day in and day out.   Many times we take the negative view and don't really know all that goes on...there is much more to being a police officer that I never really was aware of until one became family...

Jay is in our thoughts often...and the other night as Isabel was playing on the couch...her car (the couch) she
A favorite pic of
Jay and his "Peanut"
 (she is about a year old here sitting on her "car")

was driving to see "Oppy" loaded up with baby dolls.   In fact it was so full I had to give my seat up and drive myself on the rocking chair.   After we talked on our phones we were ready to hit the road when it happened...Izzy says that policeman just hit my car and she tells me and slaps the side of the couch as if to show what had happened.   Then she started talking of her daddy the policeman and that he would fix her car.   Isabel is a storyteller already...she gives quite animation and can just reel you in...a gift she inherited quite honestly.   Anyway she begins talking of her dad the policeman and that he had to go to meetings but he will be back to see her.   There are many things I don't understand or attempt to know...but I do feel the good Lord has allowed this little girl to feel the love of her daddy and give her comfort that she will see him again! 

So I think many of us feel Jay in different ways...we are given special memories or stories, "favorate" people share a word...or law officers go out to make our streets a little safer in honor of one that gave his life in doing the same...

I put a few links that we came across today regarding Operation "J-Bird".   We say thank you to these individuals and appreciate their dedication.  We miss you Jay and look forward to when we get to see you again!   God bless all of those who work at making our world a little better a little safer.  Thank you.

We miss you "J-Bird"...

Also seen the project in progress for Jay from Grizzly Creek Framing...pretty cool.

 God Bless you and keep you...


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