Sunday, February 12, 2012

Praise the Lord...It was just a ford!

So have been thinking a lot lately about complacency:

Definition of COMPLACENCY

1: self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies
2: an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

We seem to get in a lull of things and just seem to sometimes be on autopilot.   This morning I talked to my son Lance who was on his way from Fort Collins to check up on his sheep.  He had other things going this weekend so was planning on coming for the day.   I didn't talk long and let him go...and then went to my kitchen table when I heard Tim on his phone...and all I heard was, "Are you alright?"
To which triggers a mama bear out of her chair and I headed in to see what was being said.   After hanging up Tim said Lance had been in a wreck.   That he had hit some black ice and had totaled his truck...but the words I wanted to hear...he says he is okay.
Well of course I just want to hop in the truck and see for myself!!   However, Lance assured his dad that he was okay and that he was coming it was left at that and the shepherd went to check on the cows.   I continued getting ready just in case we were going to Heather's.
I of course checked in by texting, making sure that he was sure he was okay and when he didn't answer right away I checked in with his sister who was his first call as he knew she had connections she could call (Thanks Jake for being one of those guys!)...In asking Lance if okay...those who know him know that it is no surprise when asking him are you alright...all I got was a "yes". (I laugh because before I post this I see what Lance said about this...("I hit some ice on I-70 and rolled a few times"...okay maybe I say too much!)  However, his sister called me and gave me more update.   And later I told the shepherd I am thankful for how close they are.  It is a blessing to have such a bond with your siblings...
So anyway I get back to the story...Lance said he knew what was going to happen and so he was ready for it...well I think as ready as one can be in being completely out of control heading for a rollover...I am thankful that he is a seat belt wearer!
Right after his wreck...Lance climbed out of his truck that was laying on its side...through the front windshield...I put in a picture I stole from Lance to show...

Lance's truck...after

Not sure how cold it was but it was below freezing...and so not just being thankful that Lance was able to get himself out of the vehicle, have the wherewithal to find his phone and be able to make the calls...But also for the fact that a fire and rescue came along upon seeing Lance's dust...well maybe not dust as there was mostly snow everywhere...not sure if they were heading for the wreck Lance had just passed and had been somewhat of a distraction...but wherever they were headed...they were at the scene immediately and put Lance in their vehicle to keep warm and wait for the state patrol. 
Well as I am sure most have soon as Tim got back...we headed north...sometimes you just have to see with your own eyes...look into those eyes...and get a hug!   In the meantime...Lance got a ride to Limon with the State Patrol...later he and Heather went back to get his stuff out...while the Firecracker hung out with Aunt Aum and went to church with we all hit Limon in time for lunch at the Southside and time for "fellowship" (as my father-in-law Frank calls it...he doesn't like to go out and eat but he does go for the "fellowship")!

We then went back to Heather's and hung out awhile while Lance worked on the cold reporting report and then while Izzy and I stayed in where it was warm..the others made sure the old Mustang could get out of the snow drift it was parked in...but while hanging out...the tow company called and so Lance and Oppy went to meet up with them...while I stayed back with the Firecracker who of course wanted to go...but her mom said No!   So I add some pics before the camera quit...

This was off the Interstate a ways...

Sounded like the tow company knew what they were doing...gotta give credit to
those who have to work out in this...helping others.

And so while they were gone...I ended up getting to "rocky-bye" and then hold a sleeping of my "favoritest" things in the whole world...While loading up his truck Lance found more valuables that had been strewn about and then the guys returned...I must confess it was a little hard to send La La off (It was hard sending myself off because one little Firecracker said she didn't want Ahma to go home...if that don't hit your heart but I did get to watch her do some of her Kinnect moves!!)...but back to those I love--I pray for PROVIDENCE! 

Definition of PROVIDENCE

1a often capitalized : divine guidance or care b capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny

I  am not sure of the whole whys...of why things turn out as they do...but I give THANKS that my son is still with us and okay...and I do not take it for granted!!  And I think of my walk the other day when it seemed to be an exercise of just giving thanks...not putting in my little "fix it" thoughts but just GIVE THANKS!   And so today I continue with that theme...and realize how very much I have to be thankful for!   And I give thanks after talking to Aunt Aum that she is with us and okay!    I pray for another one of my special kids...Amy...and thankful for the special friends that her and Jake are!

So in thinking of all I love and giving thanks for having so many special people that I love so very much!!

And I have had a new consciousness brought to my not taking for granted...and I say PRAISE THE was just a ford! 

And so this is the picture in which I give thanks for!
 Love my LALA!   Oh I mean Lance...


  1. I thank the Lord that he is alright. Too bad about his truck. But thank God again..

  2. Right with you, Penny. We got the same phone call last fall from our youngest in Kansas. We, too, had to see for ourselves. God is so, so protective, isn't he! So thankful everyone is okay!