Monday, December 30, 2013

Kasey Jo...

This is for a special person in my life...she is the daughter of a special friend...she is a good friend to my son...even though she talks a lot and asks many questions like his mom does...and has become a very special friend to me!

Kasey Jo...another birthday but a great year for you going into another great year!    So excited for an upcoming wedding...of new beginnings...of being blessed.   I am thankful you have found a special guy like Kerry.   I pray for this year to be a good one.   I looked through pictures...I do have quite a few of you...but this one caught my reminds me of a special weekend this weekend!   And a pic of two special women in my life.   So Happy Birthday Kasey Jo!!!

I love this pic...A great pic of you for sure!

Happy Birthday and Love ya!

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