Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'm not a rock...

What a beautiful day at my kitchen table...a gentle breeze comes through my open windows letting in a coolness from the outside that has been absent.   A blessing this coolness and my gentle chimes seem to sing a melody to the day!  

I had a relaxing morning and so I spent some time at my table...after the shepherd and I (somewhat easily I might add...another thank you...) of getting a ram moved over.   Oh moving this particular ram was not a was more OTT being the problem...I am afraid of Ott...and I do not even know him and so I had informed the shepherd WE were not going in the pen with him.   Yes I had to remind him of this a couple times but the old shepherd being the old shepherd...opened this gate and then this one and before one knew it the ram we needed was where he was supposed to be and the others were not.   Patience...and I think of yesterday's God Calling from A.J. Russell that seemed to call me back again today.

 Stones of the Way

"I am here. No distance separates Me. In the Spirit-Kingdom we measure not by earth's miles. A false word, a fear-inspired failure, a harsh criticism, these are the distances between a soul and Me. Your training must be severe, that your work for Me be unhindered.
You seek My Presence and they who seek shall find. It is not a question of human searching, so much as human consciousness, unconditional surrender to My Will in the small, as in the big things of life. This it is that makes My Guidance possible.
You know the difference between taking a glad, loving, joy-springing child with you along a way, when the child anticipates each direction, accepts naturally each decision as to each turning - and the child who resists, and rebellious, has to be forced, even though in its quieter moments it may say, "Yes. I do want to go with you. I cannot be left alone, but I hate this way."
It is not the way, but the loving rejoicing in the way and the guidance, that matters with My disciples. You are ready for the guidance but you do not rejoice as you should, both of you,
in the little daily stones of the way."

I think oh am I that child?   You know the one that whines and moans and says ARE WE THERE YET?   WHY DO WE HAVE TO DO THAT FOR!!!   I don't want to go that way...just let me sit here and cry about it!    So I pray let me rejoice in the little daily stones of the way!

And I share part of a song that came to me this morning at my thinking of my own strength...or perhaps lack thereof..."I'm not a rock...I'm simply clay...Placed in the Potter's Hands I lay...He molds me each and every day...shaping me along the way."   I had this beautiful visual of seeing pottery in hands and how just the forming is such a beautiful thing...and I think of just the right amount of water...water for our souls...

I think of rain...and praying for a rainy night.   I smile as I think of our ride to Salida yesterday to meet up with my brother and family.   Some of my favoritest people!!   But I turn on the radio and we are losing a station so I flip to the cd and it brings a smile to my heart because it reminds me of time with one little Firecracker.   As she stayed with us last week...I had let her hear Oppy and I's song by Eddie Rabbit...I love a rainy night.   Well in the pasture she was sitting up by us and she proceeds to play Ahma and Oppy's song over and over as we snapped our fingers...yes we can snap every finger...if you don't believe either of us...just ask us!!!    And I love that I have yet another special memory with that song!!   Snap along if you want...and put up a prayer for some rain!!!

And I breathe in the air here in my kitchen...and it is a combination because we have boxes of Olathe sweet corn and some western slope peaches that we carried home with us yesterday...for trade of some Rocky Ford melons...tomatoes...and chili's and onions.    We met up with Shane and Jo...after they had went on a "little hike" as my "sister" Jo calls them.   They have been working on climbing fourteeners!!   Yes FOURTEENERS are those "hills" that are 14,000 FEET!   I laugh at a conversation with a Texas relative who asked what a fourteener was...and then talking of not caring much for being so high he tells me, " It was so much work that we pushed all the big mountains out of Texas and just kept a few little ones just for beauty."    Ahhh you Texans...just come to Colorado and play in ours!!  

Clothes hanging on the line and thinking I should get to I know how sweet that is this winter.   So I will go about singing...I'm not a rock...and then remembering that those little stones along the way are just that merely little stones...And I listen and hear...Be still...and I go to find the scripture of this...and I find the following link...

This pic was taken from going to "lunch" the other day...yes this is the road we were on...probably another blog within itself!   Have a good one...the corn is calling...even though it has ears...ahhh shucks you know you laughed!!!


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