Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Hoopee

Today is my dad's birthday.   He would have been 75 years old.  I can't even imagine my dad being 75 years old...he probably wouldn't have liked being that old anyway.   He died when he was 51....the age I am going to be this year...and I think I am not that old...I posted a song earlier for my dad...Don't worry be happy.   He did like that song.   He actually liked all sorts of songs and I loved dancing with him.   We would "jitterbug" and probably my favorite to dance with him was "Good Hearted Woman".   

It is funny what time does...I do not have the aching in my heart every day but there are certain things...a song...a smell...something my kids or especially my nephew Ethan will say and I think of him.   Times I would like to play a game of cards with him.   I suppose most would say that we were not "rich" when I was growing up...and compared to many we were not if you were speaking of the world's wealth...but I was thinking the other day...I really never felt like I was not loved...or that I was not special from my folks.  You don't put price tags on that!

There seemed to be an abundance of Don Williams songs playing today...probably one of my dad's favorites and I do love some Don Williams...there is one song that I heard last night that always makes me think of my dad...Good old boys like Don Williams.

It makes me think of my dad and his brothers growing up in the Quad Cities area...Moline...three boys playing in the Mississippi River...

So I came across a picture that I am not certain I am the baby in the carrier...but it is my dad and how my nephew Ethan and my Lance reminds me of him...the other is my uncle Jerry...those Lance boys...

So I pause and think of you dad and miss you...and know that all you went through I am so proud of the man that you became...Hoopee as Heather named you!   Jimmie Eldon Lance, I am blessed to have had you as my dad!   Happy Birthday!!  Love Sis


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