Friday, November 12, 2010


At my kitchen table... I am surrounded by windows.   If you look out my south window, you can see the tall old cottonwood trees that I would love to know the history of all  that they have known.  In the background of the trees, a little further to the south, lays the dirt road that goes by our house.  The road that takes us out into the world beyond...or leads those from the outside world to our home.

Right in front of me looking to the east, I have three windows that make a bay window of sorts.   From these windows one can look out at the barn, the grain bins, the sheep, and more importantly the sunrise!   Some might not think this is an awesome view--but it is my view and it gives me comfort and peace and helps remind me to give thanks for a new day!
Many mornings I look to the east and the cottonwoods that are almost a half mile down the way line up along "lover's lane" (as the old timers called it) and seem to almost stand at attention.   The trees provide a border that accents the glorious sunrise.   Some days I wonder if that very sunrise was put there just for me.

I think one of my favorite views out this window is in the summertime to see the corn in the field with the cottonwoods standing up in the background all seeming to sillouette the glow of the  morning sun.  However, I love to see the year round scene changes such as in the fall when the "harvest moon" comes up in the evening in all its majesty...sites to behold indeed!

Well I tend to get sidetracked as many of you know.   For some reason my focus button short circuits at times.   There is a joke that I tell because it seems to address my attention span.   The joke goes...How many people who cannot focus (I changed this from A.D.D. because I really do not know if I have that but wonder if I do:) ANYWAY "How many people who cannot focus does it take to change a light bulb...wanna rida a bike?"  {Note to reader: if this makes absolutely no sense to you at all or you don't get it...give thanks}

When I start going several directions at one time (even if it is just in my mind) I sometimes refer to these as "bike rides".   So when I mention a "bike ride", I am not actually taking off on a two wheeler down the country lane.   Not that I wouldn't love to have me a Schwinn Cruiser with a bell OF COURSE...

But back to my windows!   Like I said, I tend to get sidetracked and mornings at my kitchen table are no different.  I might get distracted by just the beauty, or someone driving by, what the sheep are up to, or the cows out in the field, or sometimes probably nothing at all just depending on the day that awaits out my kitchen window.  

Most mornings our dog, Bocephus,  (my son's dog but he claims me when Lance is not home) likes to come and peek in the window and watch me as I am sure he wonders what is it exactly that she is doing?   Just the same as I watch him and wonder why that crazy dog is circling a piece of paper that has blown in...or some equal fascinating thing.  But nonetheless, "Bo" looks in and checks on me and gives me what I think of  as a smile and so I automatically smile back.   Then he usually lays on the front porch and rests while I write and read unless he has his own bike ride to go on!

So last week I decided that if I didn't get any other project done--I would wash my windows.  I tend to sit there and look at them and get distracted by the dirt and spots they seem to accumulate and then I am looking at that and not the things that I would rather be looking at. 

With that said, last weekend I cleaned windows.   I must say (although not perfect by any means) I have enjoyed having my windows clean...a clearer view of my surroundings.  Sometimes we probably need to have our "inner windows clean"!   To take a little time and clean out some things that are clouding our view...the things that seem to distract us from the things we should be looking at.   So perhaps I will continue on this "window" journey and take on more than just those around my kitchen table!


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  1. I am laughing at the bike ride and it's not even a curtisy laugh lol Thanks for your ministry! Love you