Saturday, November 20, 2010

Take yourself with you...

This morning at my kitchen table was a good one...There was a sort of foggy haze that filled the air that almost made one think that snow could be near by.    You know those days that you look outside and you just snuggle down in  your chair, take a deep slow sip of your hot tea with honey and lemon, and then dig your feet deeper into your furry slippers...okay it wasn't that cold out but if you looked out the window or watched the windmill spin you could convince yourself it was!

Anyway I am working on a different post that is one that I just keep putting on the shelf.   But for that particular post I was looking for an old poem I had written.   Well I found this old book I had put together of some of my poems...most of them over 30 years old.    And as I looked through those I wondered where that girl was...and it was as though she said I'm here.   While I sat there I realized yes she is still there.   Some days she is more apparent than others but she is there.  I look back in my journal and I had written "those poems written by a young woman and yet she is still in there I can feel her energy her passion and I tell her to stay with me!"

Then as quickly as I had stopped there, I soon moved on and  began going down my prayer list.   On my list are several names, but as I hit upon one someone special to me they just seemed to hold my attention.  This person is going through some changes and I so hope that they are postitive changes--changes for joy--changes for peace!   But I was also thinking that I hope that this person finds what they are looking for...that they come to realize that the peace we strive for comes from within...comes from God...not from persons, places, or things (isn't that a noun?)   

And as I left my kitchen table I clicked on the television and came across the country video countdown.  (yes I am making a point:)     I am an American Idol watcher and I was a fan of Bo Bice.   So when I seen his song made #2,  I decided to pause and watch.   Little did I know that this was the music to my theme of the day.   I love music and how a song can take so many thoughts and put them to a melody that seems to summarize exactly what you were thinking...a coincidence that this song happened to catch my attention--I don't think so.    The song is titled "You take yourself with you".    I love the meaning of this because it seemed to say to me that wherever you go...there you are...

"You can climb the highest mountain, go where no one's ever gone
On a crowded city sidewalk, you might find yourself alone
In the middle of the desert, anywhere the wind blows
Son you take yourself with you, wherever you go"
You take yourself with you by Bo Bice

And I stopped and thought of all the Penny's that are traveling with me...making me who I am.   Then I finished getting around and me and all "myselves" enjoyed lunch out with "Mom and Dad" Pfeiff and then took in a 3 year olds birthday party...and as I observed a wide span of ages at so many different thing was consistent in all--they all were taking themselves with them wherever they go.

Here's to hoping we love who we take with us...


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