Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And I tuck it in my heart...

There are days and then there are days.   Yesterday I was on vacation from the ole AVRP and was on Firecracker duty!   One of my favorite jobs I must confess...though I try to make them all think that I am sacrificing--you know going above and beyond.   But that time with that precious little girl makes my heart jump with joy!

And you might be wondering what could they have done that could be so spectacular--so joyful.   But you know we just LIVED!    The morning started later as she slept in being tired from her big weekend to Fort Collins.  It was all I could do to keep from waking her up and saying "Izzy it's Grandma--I love you!"

 But when her daddy brought her downstairs and she came to me...my heart began to sing!  We got dressed, and got around so that we could go along with "Dada" and meet "Mama" for lunch.  And it is as though she just gets bigger and bigger as we ate at Ruby's and she socialized with the next table.   The Firecracker is not a shy one...she loves people.   However, it is funny some of the people she chooses to make up to and then other times when you would like her to give a simple wave to someone she knows--no can do!  

Well there is a new dollar store in Limon that I wanted to check out so off we went to see what they had.   We started out riding along in the cart and would take the items we were buying and throw them in the cart.   But as time went on we decided we should go to Grandma.   Only a stepping stone to where we were ultimately planning on going.   Because sometimes with Grandma--Izzy helps push the cart.   So yesterday was no different and so there we went with her pushing right in front of me acting as though she was as big as anyone.   I think we only got one extra item...it was so fun putting the dollar scotch tape in the cart--we surely needed one more!    And checkout was again time for socializing.  She found the older woman waiting to return the key to the bathroom (now you don't see that all the time).   Anyway there was also a little girl behind us and so we of course needed to visit with her.  

We finally get it all paid for and off we go for the truck.  Needless to say if you are not familiar with Limon, the wind can blow.   So there we are with our cart trying to keep it from blowing into the vehicle next to us while we are parked on a hill.   I get Izzy in the truck and she is sitting on the seat when I tell her that she needs to stand because we got too much stuff for Grandma to unload with her sitting there.  Well the look she gave me was priceless and as we one armed stood up she just watched me.   But by this time she just needed a drink of the Sprite we got and so I hand it to her (NO I DIDN'T OPEN IT) but she holds it while I unload our treasures.  

We then have to return the cart back into the store so I tell her to come to Grandma...well she is ready to be in the truck and have a drink of the Sprite.   Remember this is going on while I am trying to keep the cart from rolling away down the hill.   So finally I convince her to come to Grandma and we run the cart in and get ready to load up in our seat.   Of course, we still haven't had our drink.   So I put her in the truck and put her in her seat and proceed to open up the Sprite without thinking about the adventures that the Sprite has been through on its own.    Soooo--yes you guessed it a little explosion all over the seat all the while she sits there watching me as though all of this is normal and doesn't seem to make comment of how Grandma doesn't quite do all of this as easily as her Mama.   But all is well as Grandma gives her one of P-Pa's chocolate chip cookies and we are homeward bound.

Back at the ranch...well there are goats and chickens and now pigeons there at the Sheridan Ranch!   So Grandma and a tired little girl get our items unloaded and by now it is time to "by by" (that is how she says Rocky By).   And as we have a cookie and a book to read we begin rocking and in a matter of minutes I have a sleeping angel.   She must be an angel as I look at that perfect little nose, that sweet little mouth, and those precious little hands.   And while I think she cannot look anymore angelic she puts her hands together as though she is praying in her sleep.   I do not see how anyone who holds a sleeping baby in their arms and look at the miracle in their arms cannot believe there is a God.   I just sit there rocking and looking in amazement and just breathe in this time and know it is one that I want to take in and tuck away in my heart.

We awaken from our nap and are playing with our new ball when Mom gets home.    So after time of Mom chasing Izzy and her running to the safety of Grandma's arms (how I love that game) Mom begins supper and Grandma says she should probably get going to go see P-Pa.   Well these words seem to make one little girl think that she needs to go with Grandma.    While it was offered for her to come that really wasn't the plan.  Her mom is thinking she won't go along with it and tells Firecracker that she doesn't have her bags packed.   Well off she goes to her room.   Her mom and I peek around the corner and there is one tiny little girl throwing all of her clothes out of her cupboard out on the floor (yes she must be related to her mom as much as she is packing).   So we watch and she is pulling some items out and putting some back in when she is there holding a pair of pants.  Her mom tells her, "those need to be in the bag Grandma can't just take your bedroom floor."   Well off for the bathroom she goes and throws them in the tub.   Obviously she thought her mom said bath--so she was putting them into one of her favorite places. 

It is hard indeed when a little girl cries that she wants to go with you.   But we sat on the stairs and I told her Grandad (Jay's dad) would be there tomorrow.   Then she began standing on her head and somewhat like her Grandma she was distracted and ready to move on to something else...so with a kiss goodbye I headed home and seen a sweet little angel watching me out the window as I pulled off and I took that moment and held in my heart...because I know that these days pass so quickly and you can't get them back!

But tomorrow--she really gets to come home with me.   Her mom will be coming later--but all the same it will be Izzy and Grandma on a roadtrip!!

As I reflect on this special day at my kitchen table I realize how blessed I am.   I am thankful that my daughter and her husband live close enough and also allow me to share in their daughter's life.    And as I think of them,  I also think about all the young mom's (and dad's) and how they have to juggle working and time with their little ones.   How I wish they could all have more time but then no matter how much time you have...you always wonder what you could do with MORE time.

So I pass on this life lesson I have learned perhaps it comes with this gray stuff showing up in my hair.   But I look back growing up and I know my parents didn't do everything perfect--but I feel they did the best they could with what they knew.   And so it is my prayer that my children come to that realization of me...and though I didn't do everything right...they were loved.     Maybe time with grandchildren is a chance to give us some extra TIME.    All I know is Life is Good!

Thank you Lord for this day!



  1. Being a Grandma is awesome, isn't it? I'm thinking that some day when you are having a flex-firecracker day, Tressie and I will have to come to Limon and meet you and Izzy for lunch somewhere. You and I might be able to pick the place. Give it a year or so, and Tressie and Izzy will probably want to go to McDonald's! Tressie is also VERY social. Saturday Emily, Tressie and I were in the Springs. We were at Panera and Emily was trying to feed Tressie. She was having a hard time getting the food into her mouth as she was craning her head every which way to see what all was going on! Love your blog!

  2. That would be fun. I would love to see Tressie. I love keeping track of her by pictures. My cousin Wendy had looked at your blog and I agree I think Tressie and Izzy might be quite the pair:)